Earplugs or Paracetamol every 4 hours?!

Yesterday we had a pyjama day. Our church isn’t running this morning due to there being a carol service this evening. Therefore I thought I roll it out and have a pj weekend. A pyjama day usually consists of me tidying every room thoroughly, hovering and getting on top of the washing. This morning however I have been doing my utmost best to hide from┬ámy little monkeys when possible!

Summer has a stinking rotten cold. I’m sure this has affected her ears as she no longer talks and instead everything consists of shouting! Her beautiful singing has simply turned into noise!

Riley has found the volume button on his iPad, both on the screen and at the side. He is adamant this must be up full at all times (Cbeebies Iplayer) Despite me turning this down a few a few seconds he will put it straight back up to max!

I am tip toeing around the house to try to find a quiet corner to cure my constant headache. Bless them both. I don’t want to discourage Summer from singing or Riley playing from his iPad so I’ve nipped up to my office to ask you guys for some advice…earplugs or Paracetamol?! Haha


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