Caseapp – Review

Case app very kindly got in touch with me about reviewing a few of their phone cases. I have always wanted a case with a photo of my babies on the back. Case app provided me with free code and I was allowed to choose anything I desired from their website.

The Caseapp website is totally user friends and everything is laid out clearly with a huge variety of choice. I found it very easy to choose 2 cases, ordering was easy and the delivery was super quick!

I ordered a premade pink and gold case, picture below.


I then designed a case with a photo of R & S on.


I am so happy with both phone cases and I mix between the 2 all the time. I cannot believe how fantastic the quality of the photo is especially as I took this on my iPhone. It’s not at all pixelated or fuzzy and the colours are vibrant, I’m so impressed.

But there’s more!

I would have expected a simple plastic case but this is in fact 2 cases in one. There is a black silicone case inside of the outer shell giving your phone double the protection. Both parts of the case are really well made and I honestly feel this protects my phone extremely well. There was no need to put the cases on individually they both came as one unit but you can take them apart if you wish. I believe in the saying you get what you pay for. I would certainly say you get your moneys worth with case app.




If you follow me on social media you probably would have come across the promotional code I sent out offering my followers a 20% discount. If you didn’t see it or were um’ing and ah’ing about whether or not to go for it then you really should jump on the bandwagon fast! These cases are well worth the money!

Promotional code – CLARISSA20

Go go go!!! The code is valid until the 30th of September.

C x




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