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Evening šŸ™‚

Tonight I wound down with Epsom salt! I’m so impressed I managed to stay in the bath for 8 tracks of my ‘Relaxing Sounds’ album. This is coming from someone who hasn’t had a bath in months. I simply cannot relax and feel like I’m overheating and can’t breathe! When I lived at home I was only allowed a certain amount of water in the bath and time in the shower. Thinking back now, everything always seemed like a rush. Tonight however, out came the candles and on went the relaxing music. I can’t relax it’s as simple as that, crazy as it sounds but I can’t. In Manchester last weekend a friend and I booked a massage and it was the most uncomfortable hour I had to lay though, it probably didn’t help I had wind (hands over eyes) It was painful and all I could think about was my hairy legs and was it over yet.

Tonight was a good night! One crazy bath fact that will probably make you say noooooo is that I can’t run a bath and then get in it. I have to get in the empty bath and then run the water, haha did I make you say noooooo? Anyway the candles were lit the water was running I washed my hair leaving in the conditioner. I then applied a face mace and sat back trying to relax. I watched the steam rising against the flame of the candles and I let my mind wander whilst soaking.

What a strange week It’s been. Monday through to Wednesday I was feeling poorly and other than doing the preschool runs we didn’t do much else accept our usual routine at home. My lovely friend Dani dropped me round a smoothie on Monday for a much-needed boost which was a lovely surprise.

Thursday was a very good day and I was feeling much better. Whilst the kiddies were at school I filmed my ‘Blog On MSI Unboxing’ blog for my YouTube channel. My channel was looking rather dusty and although there is still a lot of room for improvement with my vlogs I’m willing and ready to learn. I feel like I’ve become detached from my blog these past 6 months plus. My desk has been piled high with products to review and I think I forgot the whole reason I set up this blog in the first place.

Blogging is something I love to do, it’s a way of me getting out everything that I’m holding inside, a release. My blog is my personal little space on the internet. I get sent through lots of bits and bobs in the post to review and I love this. I love trialling new products I just don’t want my little blog to be taken over. I have therefore decided that at the end of each month I will film a ‘Review Vlog’ and rather than spending lots of time photographing and writing about each product in an individual post I will do one blog including all the items I have been sent during that month. What do you think?

Friday was another wicked day! I allowed Summer to bunk preschool as she was up most of the night being a little monkey and I knew she would be a sh#t. We headed to one of my favourite places, the Ashford Designer Outlet. I picked up some great bargains as alway! I managed to get the kids feet measured at Clarks and brought them both new shoes. We spent over 6 hours at the outlet which is certainly a record for me! The kids had an amazing time in the park and Riley explored the large playing area rather than his usual walking up and down the metal fencing. Of course I went down the slide with them both a few times, hell you’re only young once! I also joined Riley in some jumping on the spot, screeching and flapping. I must remember to wear my t-shirt that says ‘did you want a photo?’ for all the people staring at us. We had a late night and it was just a really chilled out fun day where we were all really happy tired.

Saturday was a bit of a strange day. It didn’t matter how much I tidied everywhere I looked seemed messy to the point I just thought ‘bugger it’ I spent a lot of time sat at my desk thinking. Thinking about life and what I actually want to do with mine. The kiddies are getting older and for the first time in 3 years I am starting to have time to myself where I can start doing things that I actually enjoy again. It was a struggle if I’m honest because for the last 3+ years I have stopped doing all the things I enjoyed either because my children took priority, I was too tired or I simply didn’t have the time. By the end of Saturday I knew/ know exactly what I want and I have written up a plan so again…watch this space!

Today has been a very productive day, well for me anyway. I have stripped and washed the kids bedding along with doing 2 loads of washing, hovered the house, sorted through the kiddies toys, made a lush roast dinner and have everything ready for breakfast in the morning. We’ve all had a lazy pj day with messy hair and played outside in the garden on the trampoline along with a bit of tidying.

I’m now very happy to say the kitchen is super clean, the kid and I are bathed and ready to take on next week together. Time is flying by so fast so I’m trying to teach myself to just sometimes say ‘fu#k it’, I’ll do it tomorrow! Not everything needs to be done there and then. Time for a tea and off to bed for me!

Have you had a good week? Or have you had a week from hell? Let me know I’d love to connect! You can either leave me a comment or contact me via my email click here.

Sweet dreams!

C x

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  1. 03/10/2016 / 12:12 AM

    As the kids get older you do somehow get time to yourself, it was lovely to meet you at blog on by the way. I must watch your unboxing video x

    • 03/10/2016 / 12:20 AM

      Aww thanks chick it was nice to finally meet you too. Are you going to Blogfest? It’s lovely to get my own time after what feels like a very long time but I feel sad too that my babies are growing up so quickly. Feels a little like I’ve been wishing their life away so I can get some me time šŸ™ Yes do Hun it’s a bit slow if I’m honest but lots of room for progress in future vlogs and you got to start somewhere ay x

  2. 02/10/2016 / 9:45 PM

    Fab you managed to pick up some bargains and get the kids’ shoes! Why do their feet grow so quickly????

    • 02/10/2016 / 9:47 PM

      I know tell me about it! You finally get the perfect pair of shoes that go with most outfits and then bang! Their feet decide to grow! Yes a huge amount of bargains! I should have done a haul blog really – next time for sure! Hope all is well your end and thanks for reading! ?

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