Why does a banana wear sun cream? (answer hidden in post)

We are certainly NOT bananas in this house. Every year leading up to Summer time us parents are probably all the same throwing in the trolley the ‘regular’ sunscreen that we have previously used year in and year out, 1 because it’s routine to keep protected in the hot weather and 2 because we are confident with that particular brand name. I have always been a sucker for kids Nivea sunscreen using of both the kiddies and myself. I don’t have a particular reason why I always by this brand accept what I mentioned above.

This year I was kindly gifted 3 bottles of Ladival sun protection. 2x high SPF 50’s for Riley and Summer and a medium SPF 15 for myself. The weather has been so up and down lately I didn’t think I’d get a chance to properly trial this for a few weeks. However the last 2 days have been super hot here in Kent (hot for the UK anyway!) With on/ off sunny spells.

Perfect I thought, off with the leggings and on with the shorts!

Ladival sun protection –

  1. Protects against 4x more of the sun’s rays
  2. Protects against UV-A, UV-B plus infrared-A rays
  3. Offers immediate protection
  4. It’s suitable for sensitive skin
  5. Water resistant

Blimey Riley (there’s some irony there) talk about cover all areas. I’ll be honest I used to think ‘sunscreen’ was just ‘sunscreen’ as long as it protected me against the big ‘C’ word (Cancer) and prevented me from burning I was good to go. However having children definitely changed my concept of shopping and I’m not talking about the fact the price of a weekly shop is now double. I study products and brands to a point if there was a qualification for this I’d have an A*. Weighing up which offers the better coverage, which is most cost-effective (the cheapest isn’t always good) baring in mind other essentials such as it being water-resistant and kind on sensitive skin.

(Answer – Because it peels, haha!!) I’m so easily pleased, I need to get out more – I know!

So the sun was out and I thought I’d give Ladival sun protection a go. I have to say I was surprised by how instant my liking was to this product, baring in mind I only buy Nivea kids sunscreen (in the blue-bottle) Ladival comes in a spray bottle and gave a fantastic coverage with just one pump. The texture was non greasy, it absorbed well and doesn’t have an overpowering smell which is spot on for my Son who has Autism.

Not only did it apply well but the kids were in and out the pool and the cream seemed to stay on well however I re applied a few times (even though it’s water-resistant it’s worth being double protected than not at all, right?) Also no redness after a bath that evening.

It’s a thumbs up from a protected Mumsy Mum 🙂



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  1. 09/07/2016 / 11:41 PM

    awesome we need to find suncream that doesnt set E off in a rash!

    • Mumsy Mum
      09/07/2016 / 11:47 PM

      Honestly this one is great ?? I’m looking to design a new logo I know you’re quite creative any good sites you can recommend? I have drawn a few ideas ??

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