Why am I so flipping excited over a buggy…?! Caudwell Charity

Caudwell charity wrote to us last week confirming Riley’s application had been accepted. A few weeks beforehand I’d filled out an application requesting help with funding towards a larger buggy for Riley.

I thought I was being clever by purchasing a Phil & Teds buggy shortly after Summer was born. The idea was that Riley would be in the front and Summer would be in the back. And gradually as time passed Riley would start walking and Summer would be in the front. Only that hasn’t happened. Riley is still in the front and Summer refuses to get in the buggy!

The problem with the Phil & Teds buggy is the foot rest is very narrow and Riley’s feet now get caught under the wheel. Also the buggy is far too heavy to push and poor little Riley (or should I say little big Riley) looks all squashed and uncomfortable. Riley is buggy bound and it’s essential my little boy is comfortable.

There are many days in which I have stayed inside worried about going out. We do get some strange looks probably because Riley looks far too big  in the buggy and that little Summer is walking. I also feel guilty about Riley having to sit in the buggy the whole time.

Yesterday Riley’s brand new shiny ‘Advanced Mobility MAX’ buggy arrived!

I was so excited signing for the parcel! I closed the front door and ripped straight into the box like an over excited child at Christmas. I could have cried I was so happy! (Probably sounds a little strange to you but this means so much to us)

I set the buggy up there and then! It is rather huge. Then again that’s exactly what Riley needs, space! I love it and I think Riley does to. Once completed (set up in the kitchen) I showed the buggy to Riley. He instantly got himself in and stayed in it for the next few hours! Riley happily nosed around before falling asleep in the buggy!

When Riley woke up I thought he’d want to get out and stretch his legs. Instead he played on his iPad (in the buggy) and even ate his dinner (in the buggy) I guess more space offered him more room to stretch his leggys.

Thank you so much to the Caudwell charity for funding a huge amount of money towards this buggy of our choice for my perfect little Riley. This means so much to us as a family and is truly life changing to our current situation. Trips out and about will hopefully be a little less stressful for us.

Awareness needs to be raised for charities such as Caudwell to help with further future funding. I am so thankful to them. Once I have more free time I will certainly be doing my part to help fundraise and raise more awareness for charities that have helped support my little family and to raise Autism awareness!

Even Summer loves Riley’s new buggy!

Thank you so much Caudwell!

Mumsy Mum 🙂


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  1. 25/07/2016 / 12:00 AM

    oh bless him he looks like he loves it! as for you being excited I completely understand x

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