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Recently I crossed paths with a lady on Instagram called @mumonmission. I had a nose through her page (as you do) I noticed, like myself she also has a disabled child. One post in particular stood out. This a pledge to Mark and Spencer written in an open letter to see if they’d become the UK’s first fully accessible retailer.

After seeing this lady’s post subconsciously or not I came across a few other posts on Facebook saying along the lines, you either have to leave your child in their mess (ie poo) or lay your child in other peoples mess. After thinking about this for a few minutes and looking at the pictures I shared the post as I felt ‘hey actually’ awareness for this cause really does need sharing.

After Toddler group this morning, lunch in the car and finally arriving in Whitstsable for some shopping my 3-year-old severely Autistic son did a poo! Luckily or maybe not luckily my son is still in nappies, therefore my only current worry was that I needed to change his bum.

If you know Whitstable at all you will know there isn’t very many shops you can fit in with a buggy let along places to change your child! I head to Costa Coffee as that is my ‘go to’ if we are desperate to change bums! I did the walk of shame past the counter (not purchasing anything) in the direction of the toilets.

First off let me just explain myself. I would have happily bought something to drink because goodness gracious I needed the hit! But due to Riley being too big, too tall and too heavy for the Phil & Teds double buggy I currently have Riley in an old Mothercare spare single buggy that was stored in the garage which is more spacious. (I have applied to Caldwell Charity for a grant for a special need buggy)

Therefore I have to either carry Summer or make a huge ordeal of her walking whilst pushing the buggy. Also not forgetting I am a proud mumbassador for Talk2Mums and have a very large bag of Kettle Bites to distribute and so carrying a drink on top of this will be out of the question. I maybe a multi-tasking Mummy but I’m not Superwoman!

Okay…so I get to the toilet after ‘the walk of shame’ and I can just about fit the buggy in. I section Summer off so she is trapped between the buggy and the door as everything was beyond rank and I would have psyched at Summer if she had touched anything!

I get Riley out of the buggy and lay him on the baby changer. Has it really been that long since I faced the big bag world? Riley had to lay at an angle in order for me to change his bum because he was too tall!

This got me thinking about @mumonmission on Instagram and the posts I saw on Facebook. Whilst I managed to get away with changing Riley on the ‘baby changer’ today what will happen next time?

Let me just get this straight, there are baby changers for ‘babies’, disabled toilets for disabled adults and regular toilets for the ‘normal’ but what is there for disabled children/ teens and adults that aren’t potty trained?

Riley can walk but not independently as he lacks any kind of awareness and social skills. He wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing if I sat him on a toilet and I will tell you something now. The day I come to lay my son on a filthy, pissy toilet floor to change his bum is the day I give up hope that anyone gives a shit to make this world a better place for everyone.

@mumonamission is trying to raise awareness for something that needs to be highlighted and put in place and rightly so. I 100% agree with this as very soon I too will be in the same position. I would just like to give all you Mums and Dads who carry a spare changing mat around with you to change your child’s bum on the toilet floor a massive pat on the back!

I however will be protesting and changing my child as and where I see fit (a bench, a cafe sofa etc) until the proper facilities are put into place. I refuse to lay my beautiful child on a pissy floor due to ignorance. Could this be classed as discrimination?

I’m not saying there needs to be a specially designated room, simply a one fits all. Instead of a ‘baby changer’ how about just a regular ‘changer?’ This will be large and strong enough to hold from a baby right up to an adult that is unable to access a toilet?

I hope this blog reaches someone out there that is willing to help make a difference. Whilst I appreciate this may not affect you per say this affects some many parents just like me and believe you me a small change ie something like this would make such a huge difference in our lives and our child’s life.

Mumsy Mum x


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