Whitstable Oyster Festival 2017

On Saturday 22nd we found ourselves at a loose end. The weather hasn’t been all that great since we entered the Summer holidays, has it but I decided we’d head over to Whitstable to check out the Oyster festival.

Although I’ve always lived relatively close to Whitstable I’ve never experienced the Oyster Festival. It’s always something I’d write on the calendar and say we’d do and then as the time draws closer something crops up and we don’t end up going.

We parked at Whitstable castle, one of my favourite places and headed over to the Tankerton Slopes where the festival had been moved to this year. The reason it’s been moved can be read by clicking here. I wasn’t sure what to expect as the only other festival we’d been to was the Geronimo Festival click here to read all about our visit there.

We arrived and there was something for everyone to see and do. The weather wasn’t great but the rain had held off so far. We wandered around not knowing where to begin there was so much to see and do. If in doubt head straight to the ice cream van! Summer was happily tucking into her Smarties ice cream which gave me a few minutes to make a plan of action.

I used to take life as it came and was never a big planner. However these days what with being a special needs parent and just a parent in general I have to plan and think ahead constantly. I took the bike trailer for the kids which fits them both in fine but it’s not the most comfortable and stretching the kids legs in such a busy area was a small worry.

This was me before we started moving! (Hands over eyes)

Riley absolutely loves rides especially the fast spinning ones, he’s such a thrill seeker! Me on the other hand…my theme park days are well and truly over, the thought alone scares the hell out of me but what the boy wants the boy gets. The Ferris wheel was up first. Without a doubt I quickly jumped on with Riley as I’d seen it going round quite fast and knew he’d love it.

Riley was totally fine but I’d never felt so scared in all my life! The Ferris wheel would stop and start to let people on and off. The moment it stopped and we were at the very top I quite literally poo’d my pants. The drop was huge and my head was thinking the worst, what if the ride broke and we got stuck, what if Riley wanted to stand up, what if this, what if that. Riley had the time of his life and so did a lot of others as I watched each person get on and enjoy the ride. I’m such a scaredy cat, this old age catching on me is NOT fun!

Eventually we got off and thank goodness. I will never set foot on another Ferris wheel in my life for no other reason then my own insecurities. Next we queued for the ride next to the Ferris Wheel. I want to say it was called the spider ride but I’m not 100% sure. I paid for 2 rides in advance as I knew Riley would love this. I remember going on something similar many years ago with a friend and we laughed our head off all the way round. Riley was laughing and shrieking with joy but again I was the party pooper holding on for dear life thinking all the ‘what ifs’ under the sun, boooo me!

After our second ride that was enough for me. I don’t remember it going quite as fast but when you’re younger and you’ve had a drink or 2 what can you really remember, ay! It was a challenge to get Riley off, he’d have happily gone on that ride all day if he had the choice! Riley is 4, severely Autistic, non verbal with a lack of understanding and awareness (If you’re new to my blog and didn’t know)

We ventured along the Tankerton Slopes where there were so many beautiful stalls selling such a wide variety of different things. It was very busy but because I had the kiddies in the bike trailer it wasn’t that difficult for us as most people would offer more than enough space for us to get around.

We found a quite little spot next to the Prosecco stall (it wasn’t on purpose, honest!) Poppy our 5 month old Cocker Spaniel had a much-needed lay down after all the walking and the excitement of seeing so many dogs in one place. Riley and Summer ate doughnuts and drank juice whilst chilling in the trailer with their iPads and I had a drink, or two! We didn’t realise at the time but we’d sat down right next to a small stage where an acoustic band started to play. They were so good and their songs even got Summer and I up dancing.

It was the perfect afternoon and then suddenly…the skies opened! We grabbed all our things and quite literally ran back to the car. We were soaked it was so funny, Summer was laughing her head off. We joined the back of the immense drive thru McDonald’s queue, I guess we all had the same idea. We stuffed our faces with Maccy D’s before heading home for baths. It was such a great afternoon!

We went back on Sunday for day 2. We wandered the harbour (also another of my favourite places) had an ice cream, took a trip along the slopes but both kiddies didn’t seem themselves so we headed home after an hour or so. Poor Riley was sick that evening and has been ill in bed all today!

I hope today was another successful day for the Oyster Festival. We weren’t there long but had such a chilled out great afternoon. We’ll certainly go again next year and I’d certainly highly recommend this if you haven’t visited before.


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  1. 20/07/2018 / 7:12 PM

    Hey Clare,

    Glad you had a good time at the festival, do you think you are going to make it this weekend? Its going to be a bit different this year with it being condensed to just two days!


    • Clare
      23/07/2018 / 9:39 AM

      Hi Paul, we missed this weekend as it’s a little too busy for us as my son has Autism. I saw photos and it looked amazing! Perhaps next year! πŸ™‚

      • 24/07/2018 / 2:31 PM

        It was good, its the hectic nature of it is an issue for your son, the Sunday evening might be good as its all candles, acoustic music and sunset. Hope you can make it down again.

        • Clare
          24/07/2018 / 8:39 PM

          Sunday evening does sound a lot better. Yes I will aim for next year! If not with this kiddies on my own. Such a shame it was only for the weekend πŸ™‚

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