What A Game Changer!

After yet another evening full of disturbed sleep due to my wonderful children I surprisingly got my ar$e out of bed before the kiddies Friday morning. The temptation to dive back under the duvet was of course there, but instead I opened the blinds and windows and thought…I’m up!

I jumped in the shower semi rushing as I thought the kids would typically wake up. To my astonishment I managed to have a shower, dry my hair, get dressed, sort the bedroom out, get breakfast ready, feed the pets and let the dogs out and hang out the first load of washing of the day before either of the kiddies were awake!

I had plenty of time that morning! I sat down opened my laptop and began this blog, made myself some green tea and porridge with banana. I even had time to do some make up but I didn’t fancy clogging up my pores after such a refreshing shower.

Before I knew it, it was 8.15 am. Riley needed to be at preschool by 9 am at the Children’s Assessment Center and it takes a good 30 minutes plus from here with the traffic! I wake Riley up (which is a first usually he’s the first one up!) get him dressed and set him at the table for breakfast and juice with his iPad and put on his shoes ready. Cutting it fine at 8.30 am I get Summer up, dressed and put her straight in the car with her breakfast and juice, poor love!

New load of washing in the machine, school bags packed, upstairs windows open and we are off! We surprisingly arrive on time and head straight in. Riley runs into the soft play room and after about 10 minutes of watching him in ore I drag both Summer and myself back to the car.


I always chase Summer down the corridors, it seems to be the quickest way to get back to the car without having to carry her.

A few photos of my little model to be outside the hospital (taking the dummy wasn’t worth the hassle!)…

In the car we get, on goes the kiddies playlist packed with Cbeebies songs, Peppa pig, Disney, nursery rhymes etc and we head home.

I have a million and one things to do, phone calls, replies to emails, chasing appointments and reports, planning ahead for September and trying to coordinate Riley & Summer at both preschools, preparation for Summer’s birthday on the 14th (yesterday) housework, garden and that’s all before I can sit down and do the things I want and enjoy. Like this…writing, reading oh and not forgetting the peace and quiet!

We get home and I have my mind-set on making a start on this house work and getting as much done as I can so we can chill later once picking Riley up. The sun was shining and the dogs were barking. And for a moment I stopped and thought…bugger it! The housework can wait! I got the buggy out of the car and Summer and I took the doggies over the field just around the corner from us.

Even though I could feel some of the anxiety breaking through, reminding me of how much I needed to get done and that there just aren’t enough hours in the day I switched off. Instead I ran around the field like a crazy woman shouting and rolling around on the grass with Summer and the dogs. What a release, I must say!

After a good 40 minutes of craziness we make our way back and both dogs are knackered! 1 point to Mummy, ha ha!

Suddenly Buddy starts pulling on the lead so much so that I almost lost balance! I look up to see another chocolate Labrador, female with a smaller build than buddy…

Head over to my next blog ‘Fate, destiny or plain coincidence’ to read about this peculiar run in and the truly strange similarities I had with the dogs owner! I’m still surprised thinking about it now! Let me know what you think.

Home and I race up to the top floor (3 levels) and make a start on as much housework as I can before we needed to collect Riley at 12 pm. I change not 1, not 2 but 3 beds all whilst Summer is jumping on them at the same time! Clean both bathrooms and the downstairs toilet and manage to hang out the washing and put another load in before we both got back into the car and head to the hospital to pick up my little man. What a productive morning!

Despite jumping out of the car and leaving my flip-flop in the foot well in front of a group of people (hands over eyes) having to clean up 3 lots of cat sick already this morning and putting the kettle in the fridge the shower first thing was a real game changer for me! It set me up for the day ahead.

I remember before my ‘commitments’ I’d have a shower every morning and then a shower before bed every night, those days are long gone for a while. Now when I have a shower it’s like a trip to the spa and I really appreciate the time to maintain my personal hygiene, ha ha!

Nothing really exciting happened when we all got home from collecting Riley from school. I vowed I would get as much as I could done whilst spending time with the kids and then when they went to bed I could get some of the things done that I wanted to do.

4 loads of washing done, litter tray changed, poo patrol and cleaning of the dogs garden, watered the garden, hovered the house from top to bottom and then ordered a domino’s takeaway for 6.30 pm and thought kids could have a late one as it was Summer’s birthday the following day.

Summer and I laid out a few of her blankets and I made our own starter platter – onion rings, garlic mushrooms, chips & chicken fingers. After not much eating and a lot of mess I took kiddies up for a bath and they were both out like a light! Neither of them had an afternoon nap! SCORE!!!

Oh no…wait I have this load to get through! Put together and wrap up ready for the birthday girl on Saturday.

Thanks to the vodka and red bull we got through it and after another shower in the evening I too was out like a light!

For me waking up before the kids and getting things ready and most definitely having a shower is 100% a game changer! I do struggle sometimes to even get out of bed because when both the kids are up throughout the night/ morning either at the same time or alternatively my sleep is constantly disturbed and I feel knackered. A shower refreshes me and gives me a great start to the day.
Am I alone here or are you the same?

Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 16/05/2016 / 11:46 PM

    I find it hard to wake up in the morning never mind get up extra early so well done ! As for running wild and letting the housework wait, it does make a difference. I find it really hard to let go as I struggle with ocd and anxiety … I just have to get things done but sometimes I MUST LET GO.
    Love that bedroom by the way its beautiful!

    • 17/05/2016 / 4:57 AM

      I know what you mean Hun it was a first in many months I have managed to get up early. I also Suffer from anxiety and perhaps a little OCD to as I’m very particular and feel I must get things done. I put it off for a while but rushed after that afternoon to get everything sorted. Thank you I tried to make it a sensory room for Riley. Thanks for reading! ?

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