How to p!ss a customer off !!!

I’m sat here in my pj’s with a huge glass of wine, a blanket wrapped around me whilst on the computer feeling rather drained from half a week of the school run after the Christmas holidays.

(Me really!)

Is it just me or does everything feel that little bit harder these days? When driving for example, you have to not only worry if it’s safe for you to pull out but you have to keep an eye out for the knobber in the lane next to you because you can sense they’re going to try to cut you up. Or if the roundabout is clear yet the person in front of you slams on their breaks to take 25 thousands looks before they feel reassured it’s safe to pull out.

In town today I couldn’t get my son around half the shops in his special needs buggy. It was ridiculous things. First off there were 2 half large empty trolleys stacked with mens pants by the tills in Superdry. Why not have one trolley fully loaded and adequate space? There were other mum’s with regular buggy’s that also found this frustrating.

Use your brain people and ask yourself, does it need to be there or could you replenish stock as it’s sold? The trolley’s right in front of you it’ll be hard to miss. No one needs to see 50 pair of pants spread across 2 trolleys with loads of mixed sizes and about 3 different designs. Call me Miss OCD but wouldn’t it make sense to have a few small, a few medium and a few large in each design and stock up as they are sold?

I use an app called ‘Stocard’ you may or may not have heard of this but it’s a total legend! Basically you input all your store and loyalty card codes into this and when shopping rather than searching through 1000 cards in your oversized, can’t even close it wallet, you show them your phone, they scan the bar code and boom Bob’s your uncle!

Anyway…the chap in Boots today spent the best part of 10 minutes being a jobs worth lecturing me on how the app is a 3rd party and not affiliated with Boots therefore it can only be used to collect points. Flipping heck I only wanted to buy my son some hair gel! Then because he got himself so worked up over the app he charged me extra so he had to refund everything and resell, grrrr (Horlicks emoji!!!)

I like to potter around, granted I don’t do this often as it’s rare I don’t have the babies and nothing to do with my time. There’s always something that needs tidying or cleaning or washing. Is it just me or does it feel like everyone has all day? When I go into a shop I may know exactly what I want or I may have a nose at the bargains but when I’m looking I stand out the way for other people to get past NOT stand in the flipping middle of the aisle. Also (whether this be because I have unspeakable amounts of common sense) but I acknowledge the people around me. I could wait behind someone for a good few minutes not being able to get around or past them before having to say ‘excuse me’ in my loudest, politest voice when really I wanna say move the f&ck out the way!

I thought having children was hard work, but mostly these days it’s the simple things like dealing with adults when shopping that seem to wear me down. I remember getting off the boat in Calais 2 months ago and how the cars on the motorways just gel’d, it was so easy to get from A to B.

When I queued for a taxi in Munich how there was actually a ‘queue’ with everyone to the left or right as opposed to a huge crowd bundling into each taxi as it arrived. There seems to be a certain understanding and common sense we hugely lack in the UK. Please tell me I’m not alone!?

Take yesterday for example. Before I’d even left my house in the morning I’d decided I’d go to Mac the moment I parked in town to get some new foundation. Child and carefree I marched into Fenwick’s to get completely ignored by staff for a good few minutes. I picked up products and read the back to show I was interested but there wasn’t even a hello! To cut a long story short I went Benefit and what a huge benefit that was!

Last year when I helped a close friend to get a car. Ford completely stitched me up with all the ‘add ons’ treating me like the ‘typical’ single, naive, young mother with 2 children. Surprised, was he the I came down hard on him about his breach in DPA, sales incentives and his commission. Needless to say I made his miserable arse return everything and we took our custom to Vauxhall.

Why, why, why do some people think it’s ok to treat others this way. Lucky for me. I take after my Mum and therefore if I have a problem I’m not afraid to stand up and speak my mind.

I worked in retail at Carphone Warehouse for just shy of 9 years. I left my job in April 2016 to care full-time for my Autistic Prince. And so I can relate to the whole purpose of this blog today.

I remember as clear ad day when customers would take out a contract in Rose lane (one of the other 2 Carphone’s in the town area I worked in) and then would come into the store I worked in to return this. Due to them either changing their mind, being mis sold or the phone had developed a fault.

Frustratingly (thinking back now) I would tell the customer that it was out of my hands and that they would have to return back to the store they purchased it from. Even the customer would clearly point out that we are the same company. But in order to protect my own figures (as every member and manager who currently works there still does) I ‘inconvenienced’ the customer. So screw the ‘5 fundamental rules and all the ‘customer comes first’ bullshit. At the end of the day it’s the bastards sat at the top of the hierarchy that are making customer consultants/ sales assistants etc negative and offering rubbish customer service.

Why would I happily return a £500 phone with all the accessories and insurance to then have my figures either affected or cancelled out for that day? Plus then I’ll get it in the ear from my manager that I’m under achieving and bringing the branch down and even a possible disciplinary? The easiest option would be to apologise and make up some bull shit the systems are down, or we can’t do it because our system is different or we just don’t have the phone in stock. To selfishly protect myself, my targets and my store.

How shit this that?!

Well today I received a spoon full of my own medicine. R got glasses just 2 weeks ago. We’ve managed to lose one pair already and the other pair keep slipping down his nose. As I was in town I headed to Vision Express to get R another pair etc. Without going into everything the store manager told me I had to go to the branch where I purchased them from as they don’t have the ‘original’ copy of the prescription. After a long conversation we headed to Costa for a caffeine hit. Whilst in there I called the original branch I purchased the glasses from and explained the situation. The kind lady, Jess said that she didn’t see what the issue was and that she’d fax a copy of the prescription across.

10 minutes later the girls called me back and said the store she’d faxed the prescription to were being awkward and she didn’t understand why they weren’t/ couldn’t help us. Very annoyingly I left town with my disabled son who’s in need of glasses at all times. Collected my daughter from preschool, drove 40 minutes to where I originally purchased the glasses. I had 2 whiney and tired out children, dinner was late and it was a huge inconvenience and waste petrol. Jess at (the original) Vision Express did was something that the other store could have done but ‘like me’ a while back they were protecting their figures.

I worked in customer service for many years. Finding good customer service these day and staff that go that extra mile is very scarce. When I do come across this I will certainly highlight to a manager what great service I was offered or feedback with an online questionnaire. As I will say something is the service is shitty. Like what is up with staff that carry on having a chat between themselves whilst you walk up to the counter to hand over your money?! No hello, no banter just plain ignorance. It’s not nice or kind. I wouldn’t dream of carrying on chatting with a colleague if I had a customer I’d break the conversation off immediately, giving them my full attention.

I cannot imagine what the world is going to be like in 20 years time. It’s scary and all I can do is take my 2 babies under my wing and teach them good manners and to respect their elders amongst other positives.

What are your views about this?

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Ps. Rant over. I’m going to make a herbal tea to calm down, haha!



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