VR TOPOP 3D Glasses Review

I love technology! Sometimes I think leaving Carphone Warehouse was a big mistake. Then again I couldn’t be any happier now to be out of it all. I tried out a VR headset a few weeks back. I was blown away, they’re so clever! The experience is surreal and it 100% feels like you are there, it’s amazing.

I’ve been sent a VR headset to review. I knew I would love it before it’d even arrived. Now it’s here I still love it!

3D glasses –

  1. Supports mobile phones of 4.0 – 6.0 inches
  2. One-push control to adjust focal distance and object distance
  3. Convenient to fit into the case with a magnetic attachment mode
  4. Supports naked eye watching
  5. Relaxing the video glare of the phone, the Anti-blue light sense can protect your eyes
  6. Unique internal clamp to better protect your phone from unexpected falling
  7. Compatible with a variety of mobile phones

First off I have to say these retail at £35.99 and are currently down to £23.99 via Amazon. I would say you get what you pay for. The quality feels like a cheap plastic however it most certainly does the job.

There isn’t a huge variety of VR apps available on the App store if i’m 100% honest. A few space apps, football, zombies and rollercoaster rides. I’m not sure what I’m expecting I just feel like there is so much potential here and perhaps the VR headset hasn’t taken off as well as it could have. Maybe this is due to the level and quality of apps available.

Trust me when I say I am no gamer! I played Mario and few times and hid behind a bin on Call of Duty for about 15 minutes once wondering why the game hadn’t progressed (hands over eyes!!) Thats about as far as it goes for me. But I  have to say the quality of the apps aren’t as good as they could be.

I love the headset my only grumble is my nose isn’t big enough and there is a gap when I have the headset on which is slightly off putting.

Highly recommended, but you have to see it for yourself!

Mumsy Mum 🙂



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