Tuvizo – Reflective Vest Review

Whether its walking, running, cycling, an outdoor activity or simply just walking the dog. How handy is it to have a reflective vest? Whilst we are mostly tapped into the world around us it’s very easy to get distracted and take your eye off the ball.

I’ve been very kindly sent out 4 Tuviso reflective vests. I think these are a great way to STAY SAFE!

We received a matching adult and child’s pink set for Summer and also we have 2 children’s yellow reflective vests to give away.

These are –

  • Highly reflective
  • Offer high visibility
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable
  • Compact
  • They stay in place
  • Offer 360 degree reflectiveness

There was limited packaging which is great (I hate over packaged products.) When I got my hands on the protective vest I was impressed by the quality. I very easily adjusted this so it fit comfortably, it felt very securely held in place over my ribs. I wore this around the house for some time to see if it would become uncomfortable. I ended up forgetting I was wearing it and went out shopping at mid-day! (hands over eyes)

Summer enjoyed prancing around the house in hers too, she is only 2 and heads to bed by 7 ish. Due to it being Summer time we haven’t been able to properly test these out during the evening as it’s too light. We did however turn the lights off, close the curtains and play chase around the front room with a torch. They are indeed ‘highly reflective’

I can’t wait to trail these out in the winter. I have 2 kids yellow vests to give a way. Simply drop me an email and the first 2 I receive will receive their vest in the post shortly Clare@clarelee.co.uk

Mumsy Mum x





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