Turning The Emotional….30!

I have just over a month left of being in my 20’s and emotional is one way to describe how I’m feeling!

I cannot believe how much I have changed as a person over the past 10 years. We might all use the famous expression from time to time ‘that’s just how I am’ in a way to try and justify any kind of conflict. But truth be told we all change at some point. This could be due to a new circle of friends, welcoming a baby, a divorce or even meeting a new partner.

Every new experience we try, every adventure we take and each new face we are lucky enough to meet all has a massive impact on you as a person.

10 years a go I would have been obsessing about the latest fashion, what colour nail varnish was current, who didn’t like me. I’d spend heaps of time perfecting my make up and different hairstyles. I was out clubbing most weekends, socialising and drinking…lots, in as little clothing as possible to avoid having to queue at the cloakroom!

Now I obsess about cleaning products and toddler sippy cups. Fashion make up and nail varnish have all gone to pot and my daily hairstyle is usually ‘I woke up like this’ (no brush needed) Socialising has become limited and clubbing…well those days are sadly well and truly over! For me it’s all about Toddler groups and indoor play centres for the kiddies. But bugger being that mum that sits chatting with a friend over a coffee. I’m that crazy Mum coming down the slide with the kids! And good gosh I never leave the house without a coat these days ‘just in case!’ It’s all about practical thinking trying  to keep the cost down.

I still feel like I’m 20 on the inside but my body certainly doesn’t look like it did when I was 20. I can feel I’m getting old!! 🙁 Visually (ever so slight…may I add!) wrinkles on my forehead, after an hour of ‘hitting the shops’ I’m ready for an afternoon nap! My eye sight is deteraiting every day and I do a lot more thinking and analysing rather than jumping in head first which used to get me into a lot of trouble!

So many emotions right now. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot in my twenties, through my own silly mistakes and choices. I wish a lot of things but never to go back!

Riley and Summer are my world and everything in it! So I intend to combat and enter into the scary three zero zone head strong and ready for anything life throws at me. Here’s to the last month an a bit of being 29!

Anyone else turning 30 this year or have you already turned 30? How did you feel? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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Night night! 🙂 

 Mumsy Mum x


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