Time managing as a Mum – Sucks!

Before Riley and Summer my time managing skills were ace! I was on top of everything, I could remember dates, birthdays, I was always on time, I would wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day, my life was really quite orderly.

Being me now…I struggle to remember what day of the week we are on! I’m always running late as something manages to pop up when we’re to leave the house. I can just about remember the kids birthdays let alone anyone else’s! I need to be constantly reminded about any changes to our regular routine! And mornings mostly consist of me snoozing my alarm and hiding back under the duvet covers until its absolutely essential I get my arse up!

What’s happened to me?! Am I alone with these feelings?

Lately I have been really stressing over, well…everything! There is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it! I have so many vlogging ideas but it’s trying to fit a space somewhere in the week where the kiddies will be entertained, the sun is shining for good lighting and I will be in the right mindset go film it.


The pile beside my bed seems to be forever growing. There are books that need reading, many overdue blogs that need writing, vlogging scripts to write up, learn Makaton, Summer’s cross stitch to get on with that was bought for me 2 Christmas’s ago! Then there’s my ‘The Daisy Chain’ Facebook, twitter & Instagram pages that need updating! And in order to update them that would involve me actually making something! I have endless materials and ideas but again it’s finding the time. Oh and not to mention the 3 black sacks of designer clothes and toys that need putting on Ebay! I mean they’re not going to sit there and sell themselves?! It feels like everything is looking at me saying me me me you need to sort me out!

Where the hell do I even begin with all that?


So, Mick decided he would DIY his own dog kennel for Buddy and George last week as he was off work and granted it’s looking pretty lush but the garden looks like a building site! There’s wood chippings, screws, nails, sand, wooden crates, slates, tools blah blah blah all laying around the garden. Not to mention the dogs both lording it up owning the whole garden and pissing and shitting where the hell they both please!


My point is, whilst the sun is shining and it being the first day of spring we are finally free to venture out into the garden after being couped up these past miserable winter months! Oh no wait…the gardens a shit tip and certainly NOT child friendly! So instead the kids are inside moaning because they’re bored but i’m tired out from this past week of being *’a Mum’

*Definition of being ‘a Mum’ – a person who is on the go 24 flipping 7! A personal drink re filler, bum sniffer & changer, chef, cleaner, personal assistant, taxi driver, referee, shopper, entertainer, organiser, carer, shopper, nail cutter, teeth brusher, washer, hair brusher, dresser!

I could literally go on but I’m sure you get the picture! And on this particular note I feel another blog coming on very shortly ‘Being a Mum vs a a full-time job!’ (Watch this space!)

Okay, so my blog is kinda up and running and I have linked this to my website so when typing in www.clarelee.co.uk it diverts you directly to my blog where you will also find all of social media links too! I have added a bit about the reason I have changed my name and also how you can get in contact me – clare@clarelee.co.uk It’s taken me a while to get to this point and although there is still a long road ahead i’m sorting of feeling proud with myself as I didn’t have the foggiest about domain names etc. I hate it when I get an idea in my head as there is literally no holding me back!

Mick is out in the garden trying to get the dog kennel completed to prevent my further nagging as I want to sort out the garden for the kiddies. I’m going for it this Summer – a slide, swing, sandpit the whole sh-bang! If the dogs are getting a fancy new homemade kennel then the kids are getting an adventure playground and I’m going to treat myself to a hammock or one of the pictures below!


So kiddies are quiet and I have taken this rare moment to sit down in peace to start going through my to do list and writing a much needed blog and I go blank?! What do I write? What do people want to read about? How can I get more views? Then I thought why am I trying to be something other than myself?! So instead I just started writing about the current things in my life and what is actually happening, how I’m feeling. I want my subscribers/ friends to get to know the real  me if they don’t already, not someone fake. What would be the point in that?!


So Georgie porgie (George – chihuahua x Pug = CHUG!) Is on my lap participating with this very blog and he’s also just reminded me that I need to file his nails – youch they’re bliming sharp!

2pm –  And I need to start prepping for a lush roast dinner so will say bye for now!

Enjoy your Sunday and embrace the fact it’s the 1st day of Spring. Roll on Summer!!! 🙂

Mumsy Mum x


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