The Most Wonderful Thing Happened Today…

I collected Riley at the usual time of 1.15 pm after lunch at his Pre-school. Despite it being a very rocky start with the school they have turned out to be a huge support to my little Riley. Riley was happy as per usual and he had of course had another fabulous day there. I cannot begin to explain the changes I have seen in Riley since he first started in September 2015. This could be due to a number of reasons, but all I know is he loves going to school and he is always happy, therefore that’s enough for me! Roll on September – bye bye Summer (My daughter NOT the weather!)

Every Tuesday after school I take Riley and Summer to a stay and play Portage group (the same Center as yesterday – see yesterday’s blog) I was inside socialising with another mum and Mick (Riley & Summer’s father) was outside with Riley. Mick called me on my mobile and when I answered he hung up. I instantly ran outside thinking there was a problem to find Riley and Dad playing football. Football…really?!

Wow I have never seen Riley like this before. The eye contact was immense and Riley would go and collect the ball and bring it back to Dad when being asked. Riley also kicked the ball (left leg) with some encouragement from me. I was and still am gobsmacked! After watching for 10 minutes or so Riley became uninterested and moved over to the fence mumbling under his breath the numbers 1-5…is this boy for real?! Two special moments all in one day?!

For most parents out there you are probably reading this thinking what’s the big deal he kicked a ball and counted to 5. For anyone out there reading this who has a child with special needs you will truly understand the wonderfulness I am feeling. I am ridiculously proud of my little boy Riley and how far he has come since his diagnosis on the 17th June 2015. Without the help and support I have had from the professionals I’m not sure I could have gotten through everything on my own.

It’s really difficult to explain the joys of seeing your offspring do something so very precious and new. I think unless you are either very open minded or you too are in a similar situation you can’t really appreciate or even truly understand.

Summer is 1, to be 2 next month and 13 months younger than Riley. She already does double the amount that Riley does. I know sometimes I expect too much from Summer because she is still a bubba. She is so independent and switched on its unbelievable but then again Riley is my first born, I have nothing to compare to (not that I should compare) 

Summer says Mummy so frequently I think she will wear my name out but when Riley says ‘Mumum’ it’s such a huge deal. I simply cannot describe it but it has been a truly wonderful day with my babies and I’m feeling so happy!

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A very happy Mumsy Mum x


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