The Dreaded ‘C’ Word !!!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’ve had enough of the dreaded ‘C’ word…that is Covid! Life is no longer how we remember it. We wear decorative face masks, keep a 1m distance, relentlessly wash our hands whilst singing happy birthday and yet the worst part is we are all hanging in the unknown.

We cannot make plans, we don’t know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. Our TV’s and social media feeds are filled with everything Covid. Our lives are being somewhat consumed and dictated for us, what we can or can’t do, where we can or can’t go, who we can or can’t mingle with. Such uncertain times and very scary!

I guess you could say I’m pretty darn bitter and opinionated about it all. This is because for 12 weeks my Son, Daughter and I were in COMPLETE isolation. We might have left the house twice to go for a drive because I really was at the end of everything but we didn’t leave the car. I was far too petrified.

My Son Riley is in the extremely clinically vulnerable category. It goes without saying what could happen if he became exposed to the Covid virus. This implanted such a fear in me, everything from receiving deliveries, post, shopping, to just opening my front door. The worrying made me quite ill and this was on top of everything else we were going through in life.

Riley is non verbal and has limited understanding and communication. He would get into such a state each time he gave me his shoes to show me he wanted to go outside and I had to say ‘not today and put them back’ It broke my heart I had to refuse him this basic need.

If Riley wasn’t in the ‘high risk’ category he could have still attended school throughout the lockdown due to his EHC plan.

This would have given Summer and I some much needed Mother and Daughter time and we could done our daily exercise easing some of the anxiety and changes. But instead all of our anxiety was through the roof.

And yet now schools are to remain open?! And it’ll be marked down as unauthorised absence if you take your child/ren out. So what was the point of the 12 weeks in complete isolation?! Because ‘apparently’ they know more about the virus?!

We stayed in to keep the number of death rates down. Whilst everyone else still had the freedom of ‘daily exercise’ It should have been the same rule for everyone then maybe we wouldn’t be back in lockdown2! A vast majority of us massively struggled, are still struggling with mental health, isolation, loneliness etc. Where’s the extra support for these people?

Now there’s a vaccination, so we are finally heading in the right direction after what has felt like a lifetime. What are your thoughts on this?

I’m not so sure and we certainly won’t be first in the queue to receive this. The pressure to produce this must have been unimaginable. It’ll be months before we know of any side effects and thats even if that information will be released to the public.

Track and trace…whatever next, micro chips from birth? Call me cynical but I’m a great believer that we are only told what we are ‘allowed’ to know. Don’t get me started on Autism and vaccinations!!!

Well it’s a long overdue blog that’s been niggling for me to write since the start of lockdown 1. These are my thoughts on our situation. At the time I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel but looking back now I had my children with me, a roof over our heads, a garden (although thats another story) food in the cupboards, we were actually very fortunate.

Lockdown 2 is way easier for us this time round. We’ve moved house (which I think caused heightened anxiety for us all) Whilst I don’t fully support the kids being at school I think this helps ease Summer’s anxiety as she’s able to socialise with her peers and both kids seem to be happy maintaining a consistent and ‘normal’ school life/ routine.

I on the other hand am suffering with insomnia again and mentally preparing for the worst, ‘just in case’ however I’m trying to remain open minded and just taking each day as it comes.

How are you coping?


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