Speaking up!

Recently I spoke out to a manager at a setting I leave my Son in every Friday morning. When I get a gut feeling that’s my queue somethings not 100%. I wasn’t happy and neither was my son and so I felt the need to speak up and highlight this.

After a long hard think last night and some rather random dreams I woke up feeling like I needed to give the ‘special’ setting the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. I took Riley in this morning and to my surprise the staff were very inviting and friendly and Riley seemed happy, happy enough that I felt comfortable to leave him. 

I wondered would my son be treated differently now that I had spoken out about the staff members attitude towards us and the way my son had been handled a few weeks ago. Would my son take the brunt of me opening my mouth? Would he be treated differently or made to feel like an outcast due to my honesty?

The answer…not in this setting or at least I didn’t see any signs of this! 

I collected Riley after 3 hours and he seemed very happy! I felt for a moment ‘what a stupid mistake’ I had made by thinking I wanted to pull him out. I have been thinking more and more about primary schools lately. Whether to choose a mainstream or a Special needs setting? What is the best route for my son and if Riley could communicate with me what would he tell me he’d prefer?

The truth…I have absolutely no idea and I don’t know anyone that can help me make this huge life changing decision to my little boys future. Should I choice a special setting because this is best suited to my sons needs and development or a ‘normal’ mainstream school because ultimately I want my son to learn life skills and to be able to fit into ‘normal’ settings?

There’s pros and cons to both I just wish someone could help make this decision for us. I only want what’s best for my little boy and for him to be happy.

Any advice?

Mumsy Mum x


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