So that was Christmas 2016 – Over indulging & excessive drinking!!!

Wow, what a Christmas!

This year it took a little while to get into due to ‘circumstances’ but dinner was lush thank you Punch Tavern and the afternoon/ evening was epic!

It goes without saying that our house was decorated to the max and presents were busting out from our front room. We were very fortunate to be able to give our children everything we wanted to and leave them both wanting for nothing.

Theres many years in the past I would upload tens of photos of our tree bulging with presents underneath and all around. This year however I didn’t post a single photo including presents. It’s the priceless moments I’ve appreciated the most.

The truth is I don’t want for anything. Well…I say ‘anything’ lightly. If I won the lottery there’s many things I would want to buy to set us up for the future. I mean the perfume, make-up, clothes, etc. Of course I got everything I wanted and more but it was the time spent together as a family and seeing the children’s faces which filled me with such happiness. I feel so lucky!

This year we made a pact we would eat anything and everything leading up to New years day and then BANG! The diet would begin.

I have, like never before indulged in thick white slices of bread with lashings of butter, pate and cream cheese. Fudge chocolate cake covered with heaps of double cream. Christmas pudding and plenty of custard. Cheese and crackers galore! Prosecco, red wine, Vodka, chocolate Baileys, Port and beer. It goes without saying I have greatly enjoyed this Christmas to the max!

I can feel the jelly belly when I jump from the bottom step, I can feel my legs rubbing together when I walk and when I look in the mirror I see an elephant! But It’s ok, one more day of ‘being free’ and then back to calorie counting and working my butt in shape!

S especially isn’t too sure what’s going on and is still enjoying watching ‘Mickeys Once Upon A Chistmas’ excessively, even though the Christmas tree was gone the day after Boxing day.

It’s a struggle to find a ‘home’ for all the new toys I was so adamant the children ‘needed’ and the black sacks are growing daily to take to the charity shops.

On boxing day I was already saying ‘is it time for the kids to go back to preschool yet’ I cannot believe how I used to cope with both babies all day every day. Seems I’m taking advantage of the 3 hour preschool slots here and there. Staying indoors drives me crazy and going out drives me crazier with the endless zombies that stand in doorways and wander the shops like they have all day.

Good news however! The kids have chicken pox! Well S does but R only has 3 or 4 spots come up. So the countdown to the start of school looks like its been extended and to make things worse we are home bound as its contagious!

How was your Christmas?

Did you do or get anything nice?

Any news, baby or engagement?

I’d love to hear from you, contact me.

Clare x


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