#Serenz Allergy Relief – Review

Serenz allergy relief is a hand-held dispenser which uses carbon dioxide to gently cleanse the nasal passages. This helps to relieve allergy symptoms of nasal congestion, itchy, runny noses and sneezing.

This product is of a handy size for either your handbag or pocket. Anyone aged between 18-65 years of age can use this. Simply apply 10 seconds to each nostril as and when required for up to 6 times a day. This product is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

The packaging is small and simple. Detailed instructions are enclosed with all the product information you to know along with ‘how to use this’ guide.

How to use –

  • Gently blow your nose to clear your nostrils
  • Sit or stand upright and comfortably. It’s not recommended to lie down
  • Hold Serenz upright and insert the nose piece into one nostril. Do not pitch or obstruct the other nostril
  • It’s important to keep a tight seal between your nose and the product so no gas escapes
  • Breathe through your mouth or hold your breath. DO NOT breathe through your mouth
  • Push the blue on/off button and continue to press for 10 seconds
  • You’ll hear the gas flowing and/ or feel a sensation in your nose
  • Repeat for the other nostril
  • Wipe the nose piece to maintain cleanliness and apply to safety cap

There’s a fab video on the Serenz website (if you’re more a watching person like myself)


Lately with the hot weather and having a dog my nose has been playing me up. Therefore when I was contacted about trialling this product it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve never been one to purchase nasal products so I was super excited to give this a go.

This product retails around £17 and here is a list where you can purchase it.

I’m not usually a fan of instructions but in this case I followed each bullet point with extreme caution. I managed 5 seconds in each nostril to start with. My nose felt cleared out within seconds of using this. My eyes did water and my ears had a weird sensation. I was surprised by how quickly this worked for me. I haven’t needed to use this as regular as I thought. My nose is a little sensitive but I would definitely use this again and highly recommend to anyone that suffers with nasal issues.

C x


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