Sanctuary Spa – Wet Skin Moisture Miracle


I’m the one who loves to have a cheeky smell of the top end products but always sticks more to the lower end budget, unless there’s something good on offer. I remember first noticing Sanctuary Spa as a brand one Christmas in Boots. They had a wide range of beautifully packaged products, of course I wanted one of everything! I have to be honest, reviewing the wet skin moisture miracle was my first experience with Sanctuary Spa.

It was 100% well worth the wait. I know you’re most probably thinking ‘it’s just a body moisturizer, chill out!’ This honestly is like no other product I have ever experienced. The product is light and a little goes a long way (or it did on my body) Although I liked the scent I found it a little overpowering at times.

After a shower I simply apply this all over my body, jump out, towel dry and that was it! The product absorbed quickly into my skin and left this feeling soft and silky all day with a slight glow. This is the perfect product for me as I’m all about having a shower over a bath for quickness and usually 99% of the time skip the much-needed moisturising process. Perhaps the product absorbed so quickly because my body was crying out for some goodness!

This is a fab product that I’ll definitely be purchasing again and adding to my everyday shower routine. 10 out of 10 from me.

Below is some feedback from friends I gave sample bottles to try –


“I like it, it’s light and my skin absorbed it very well. I’m not keen on the fragrance but otherwise really pleased with this product” ~ Daniella


“Great product for hot weather as it doesn’t leave you sticky like a body butter, also great for people in a rush like me as absorbs quicker than normal moisturizer. I was surprised by how moisturising¬†it was great day long signature sanctuary scent!” ~ Natalie


“Used the Sanctuary Spa wet skin moisture miracle after my shower, it left my skin feeling and smelling amazing. I will definitely be looking into buying this product” ~ Trudi


“I tried Sanctuary Spa wet skin moisture miracle. Smells lovely and makes skin feel silky smooth and soft” ~ Emma


Are you a Sanctuary Spa lover? Have you tried this product, if so what did you think? Want to get in touch click here


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