Do I have too higher expectations?????
Today I took Riley into #kentandcanterburyhospital to see an eye specialist. Whilst patiently waiting to be seen by the “professional” (I use “” as that’s another story altogether)

Riley decided to push out the hugest of poos 💩!!! In the middle of the waiting room! So off we trotted to find a #babychangingroom. Not only did the nurse look completely blank without a clue where the nearest one was but when I got inside the picture surly explains it all???

First off I only just managed to lay Riley down because of the style with ridges at the top & bottom so there was less room. I had to squeeze by the door so Riley could rest/ push his dirty shoes against my belly so I could clean his bum at the most awkward of angels!

Secondly after sorting Riley I decided to go to the toilet there was wee all round the seat. Which then moves me onto the fact the floor is probably crawling with bacteria & facies. 

So my point today is…when my son grows that extra inch where exactly am I expected to change him?!

Today was the hospital and if they can’t supply the basics needs for a child/ young person who is disabled & unable to use a toilet I’m sure as hell nowhere in town will have the facilities for my son & others in a similar situation.

Just wanted to throw it out there I will absolutely be prepared to change my son on spare dining table if we eat out or across the comfy sofa chairs in the middles of the doctors surgery. I wouldn’t even touch the floor with my bare hands in public toilets let alone lay my precious, beautiful completely innocent child on the floor.

Surly this is discrimination and shouldn’t be allowed or deemed acceptable to lay a child/ young person on the floor of a toilet?!

Answer me this, would it be acceptable to lay your child on a public toilet floor?!


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