Preschool Graduation 2017

Yesterday was my little boys graduation day at preschool. All morning I was clock watching, I didn’t want to be late for the event. My tummy was doing cartwheels from the moment I dropped the kids off. I was worried up to my eyeballs something would go wrong.

Will Riley walk on his own? Will Riley have a melt down in front of everyone? Will Summer behave or will she throw ¬†one of her sporadic tantrums? I didn’t for a minute think it’d be my poxy camera that played up!

The moment the children walked onto the green and I saw both my babies smiling, I was filled with such happiness and joy. Riley of course didn’t want to sit down with the other children, he got up and wandered around. Riley’s 1:1 was excellent, (as per usual) she shadowed him but ensured not to invade his space.

I requested Riley was first to be called up to receive his folder and certificate. That way I knew they’d be no disruptions on our part and I could bribe his quietness by offering him his lunch and iPad.

After all the little ones (or should I say big ones) had graduated, everyone chilled on the grass/ blankets and tucked into their lunches – a huge picnic where everyone just mingled and chilled. All was going steady until my daughter announced she needed a poo, haha!

I headed back to the setting where 2 bouncy castles were being put up in the hall. There were cakes, tea and coffee. A lucky dip and face painting, it was actually lots of fun!

Whilst Summer went from one area to another and thrusted all of her energy into the bouncy castle. Riley happily sat quietly on the other bouncy castle engrossed in his iPad. Summer had a go on the lucky dip, she had a glass of milk and a pink cupcake she also had her face painted (Frozen – Elsa)

I went around snapping as many pictures as I could whilst keeping a close eye on both children. However I’ve now realised that there was a problem with my memory card and I have either lost loads of the photos or they didn’t take in the first place! Gutted or what!

Riley looked so grown, he was wearing a cute, black, paper handmade graduation hat! (most probably Natalie’s awesome work) I knew the end of Riley’s preschool chapter was fast approaching but just 2 more preschool sessions and then it’s all over for my baby, seriously where has the time gone?! I want to go back a year!!!!!

What a journey it’s been! I know Riley will miss 2 members of staff in particular and I think it’ll be a real shock to his system not attending in September. Riley has become so familiar and comfortable in his preschool environment I wish I could send him there forever. The start was very rocky but I know my Son will deeply miss the staff and the bond they have grown to have together, the setting and watching his peers! (Sad face)

Thank you for a wonderful day and helping to create a priceless memory. I truly believe that if my daughter didn’t have another year with the preschool then I’d have had a meltdown myself today!

Happy, sad, emotionally, very proud Mummy/ Clarey! x

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