Portage Family Fun Day – Autism Awareness!

Yesterday I took the children to a portage summer fun day in Margate. I’d completely forgotten about it until I saw my friend Helen’s post on Facebook (Sometimes keeping a diary is pretty pointless when you’re too depressed most mornings to even look at it)

This time last year the portage family fun days are what kept me going. Portage is a type of therapy, similar to speech and language but much more specialised in PECS (in my opinion) It was these very events that kept me going at this delicate time in our lives. What made me most upset was that I felt these were the only days we could attend once I received Riley’s diagnosis. I felt we were restricted as a family and that I could only socialise with other ‘special needs’ parents. Last year I was in a bad way. I received Riley’s diagnosis in July 2015. I didn’t know how to deal with everything. Portage days were great and helped us to spend quality time together in a safe, friendly zone without being judged.

I was so happy to attend yesterday. I felt grateful that such an event is available. This type of setting is everything you want for your child. Whether they’re special needs or not. It is child friendly, safe and there are lots of staff on hand to help.

Yesterday was a God send. I don’t have a lot of energy these days and when both babies run in the opposite direction it makes my Mummy role rather challenging. I bought a Peppa Pig for Summer – £1 BARGAIN!! I also managed to drink a hot coffee and socialise with another Mummy friend of mine whilst keeping an eye on both my babies. The setting was enclosed and there was a lot to keep the kiddies entertained.

This year I am seeing things from a much different angle. I have a handful of ‘normal’ friends that accept us for who we really are and don’t judge us. I also have made a few ‘special needs’ Mummy friends throughout our journey. It’s amazing to talk! It’s also surprising how relatable our lives are. Yet we feel very protective about our ‘different’ lifestyles. It’s not always easy to start off a conversation, thinking that this person won’t want to her about how you’re exhausted because your child is up every night at 2-3am jumping and screaming on the bed. Or how it’s the 3rd night in a row you’ve had to scoop poo out of the bath. But once the ball is rolling and we start talking, I for one simply can’t shut up! It’s a great release especially when you can have a little grumble together.

I am very thankful for Portage family fun days. They’re tailored to be safe with a lot of sensory options, there’s usually a bouncy castle, soft play room, sensory room, outdoor play area and friendly staff on hand to support you. R and S had a great time and I think you can gather by now that I’m very appreciative and just wanted to share with you a few pictures I took.

C x


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