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Well this really was a ‘active first’ for my little lady Summer (born 14/05/2014) When I received the email today from BritMums Professionals, I thought this is fab! Summer is still under 2, at least for another week and she loves a yogurt!

After dinner I set the yogurt down on the table with a spoon and rushed to my seat with my camera in hand at the ready for some truly filthy and messy pics. After a busy day at Toddler group this morning followed by shopping around Whitstable and then home for some paddling pool and garden shenanigans I thought we might as well top it off with some yogurt smeared through the hair and around the face!

Whilst I set the worry about the mess to come firmly at the back of my mind and try to concentrate on the ‘fun’ of Summer trying something new and wondering what she will think. To my complete and utter surprise Summer sat in complete silence and polished not only one yogurt pot off but two, in one sitting!

This is your typical mum moment! When you’re expecting the worst the unexpected happens! And when you’re hoping for the best still the unexpected happens! All I can say is that the new Petits Filous has a thumbs up from Summer for tasting lush and an even bigger thumbs up from Mummy for the ‘no mess’ desert!

Mumsy Mum x


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