Peppa Pig @ The Marlowe Theatre

I booked these tickets as soon as we got home from watching Mr Maker at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. The kids and I had such an excellent time then I thought Peppa Pig would be even better as both Riley and Summer love watching this on TV. I purchased these tickets mainly for Summer’s 2nd birthday present but thought I’d drag everyone along for the good time and memories.

I had to book 4 seats as Summer was too old ‘apparently’ to sit on my lap. They don’t do a cheaper rate for a disabled person nor do they offer a discount for a carer.

They had run out of child seats which meant both Summer and Riley had to sit on our laps to see over the heads of the people in front of us. This left 2 seats empty from pretty much all through the show…what a waste of money!


Summer was ever so excited to see the different characters, baring in mind she is 2 years old. She was super excited and clapping along. I think she enjoyed it she was engaged the whole time whereas Riley switched off after 5 minutes and turned to his iPad. I wish I could have done the same!

I thought it was pretty damn poor to be honest! Peppa and George were just statue figures with a person behind moving their heads and body. I wouldn’t have been bothered too much by the other characters being statues, but not the main characters?

IMG_6581 IMG_6446

Mummy and Daddy pig looked great and Daddy pigs voice was almost spot on! Credit where credits due. Peppa pigs voice reminded me of Bella from the Tweenies and I couldn’t enjoy it no matter how hard I tried. I’m not much of a Peppa Pig enthusiast but there are many episodes Summer has made me sit through and watch. And even though I try blocking out as much as I can whilst working I have got to say in comparison I think I could have put on a better show myself.

I felt like the show was something that had been thrown together one evening. Daisy was good, really energetic and bubbly but not a lot of engagement with the audience just playing her role and what about the main character…Peppa? Not much of a main character in this show.

Overall I was really disappointed and thought it was a waste of money. Next time I’ll buy Summer a DVD or take her to Peppa Pig world where she will see an actual walking talking Peppa Pig character.

Over an out…a felling let down Mumsy Mum (thumbs down)


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