One Of Those Kinda Days…

I’m having one of those days where I am chasing my tail. I keep wiping over the kitchen surfaces and picking things up and moving them somewhere else as opposed to ‘clearing up’

Riley and Summer have been ever so happy today. They have both been running in and outside as they please no shoes and bringing in lots of mud! The weather has been strange, my app said it was going to rain so I didn’t hang my washing out! When I went out earlier I was hit by ‘heat’ blimey Riley…it was warmer outside than it was inside my house!

I have so much to do (the parent norms) but today I put everything on hold and I couldn’t really tell you where my day has gone. I sat at my computer trying to think of a blog to write as it’s been a while and I was brain-dead, totally blank for about 20 minutes!

I put on some Ellie Goulding and started going through my huge pile of paperwork/ letters that keep just piling up. Then this blog started to form shape.

I’ve just noticed I have been sent some ‘My Nametags‘ and therefore need to give them a go on some of Riley’s clothes, he regularly wears to preschool and write a review in exchange for the free tags. Keep your eyes peeled for that review.

I have been receiving many emails lately asking if I would be happy to be sent bits in the post to review. I certainly am happy to do this but I have a gut feeling everything is going to turn up all at once and overload me, haha!

Do you ever wonder what it is all about? Have you ever imagined for few minutes what your life would be like if you won the lottery? What if this, what if that, it seems to be what I am filled with lately. There is so much I want to do and plan but it seems impossible when I am doing everything on my own.

Caring for 2 children 1 whom is registered disabled, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, entertaining and nurturing the children, sorting the preschool registration and funding and I’m panicking already about schools for September 2017! Where do I even begin?!

How can I start to think about getting on the property ladder to pass a house down to my 2 babies? Life can be very difficult at times and a vicious never-ending circle. Ultimately my goal is always to do the best I can for my kiddies and I’ll do everything in my power to support them. Anyone know of a money tree nearby? haha!

A feeling down in the dumps Mumsy Mum. Any support or positive feed back is very welcome and appreciated x






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  1. 14/06/2016 / 11:38 AM

    It sounds to me like you are doing a fabulous job, it is hard though isnt it keeping up whilst trying to look after kids? I keep seeing DIY things that need doing and adding them to the list but its becoming impossible whilst trying to look after the sprogs lol

    • Mumsy Mum
      14/06/2016 / 5:57 PM

      Tell me about it I am on FB trying to sell as much clutter that I can. I have another hobby other than blogging it’s called the daisy chain I have a FB page and Instagram but stopped once I received Riley’s diagnosis last year so I’m looking to get back into that again slowly. Have a look if you get a chance @thedaisychain_x on both Twitter and Instagram x

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