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Most of my friends and social media friends will know I am into all things fitness loosing 2 stone since November but within the last few months hitting a wall due to personal reasons.

I was kindly sent a 1 week Nutribuddy weight loss kit to trial, retailing at £24.99. I have now come to the end of this, I did feel a difference using these products. I took 1 multi vitamin a day and 6x hunger fix tablets 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner drinking 1-2 glasses of water with these. Drinking water before any meals a good idea as this bloats you therefore you eat less, loosing weight.

Weight Loss Kit

Along with hunger fix pills, multivitamins and a pack of sculpting whey. I also recieved a weight loss and recipe book. These are packed with information and lots of great meal ideas.

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After trailing this package I feel like my hunger has been curbed. I’ve been eating a lot less than usual. Rather than snacking on bits and bobs. I had one snack, a chocolate shake. This gave me the small energy boost I needed and took away the cravings.  I occasionally skipped dinner having a shake instead (this is a meal replacement) I felt more energised. This could be due to my metabolism being sped up. I lost 3lbs whilst on this trial. I’m very happy with the results. The trial needs to be combined with healthy eating for the best results. Oh and I loved my Nutribuddy shaker, so quick, easy and got rid of all lumps.

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