New years resolution and diet week!

Morning all !!!

Hope you’re not feeling too hung over after last nights new years celebrations. Between the 1st – 7th of January┬áis the week in which most of us decide to make our new year resolutions and aim to commit to a diet plan.

My advice is don’t aim too high and totally be prepared to commit to the hard work! First off, how many times have we heard the famous promise ‘we’ll have to meet up more this year’ or ‘the past is in the past lets move on’ There’s nothing more frustrating than people not sticking to their word.

This year how about making a small, achievable resolution and that way you won’t feel as though you started something you didn’t or couldn’t see right through to the end?

I have tried so many diet plans – Atkins, weight watchers, shakes, smoothies, weigh loss tablets, you name it. I failed on most attempts. Do you want to know why? Because I wasn’t 100% ready to commit. You may start off well but if your heart isn’t totally in it. It’s easy to fall back into old habits and for the diet to fly straight out the window.

Set ACHIEVABLE resolutions and dieting goals that can be stuck throughout 2017 !!!

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