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I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to be working with Kim Heath, Salon owner based in -Wealden Forest Park, near Herne Common CT6 7LQ

Many years back before my babies were born. I attended a 2 year evening Hairdressing course at college. Kim was my tutor though out the first year. However due to her having Cancer (I have now learned) she left and I subsequently lost interest and went downhill due to having a different stand in tutor each week.

Long story short I finished the course. I’m a qualified hairdresser on paper however due to there not being much/ if any support to pursue a career within this industry I continued to work within sales.

I offered my services voluntarily to many hair salons as a way to get a foot in the door. However I was told I was too old and due to health and safety it just wasn’t possible to even be there as a volunteer. Needless to say that was the end of my hairdressing career.

I connected with Kim a while back after seeing lots of posts on social media. Kim opened up her own family run professional hair salon and training academy in 2015. All members of staff are highly trained and continuously update their skills and knowledge. Kim’ hair salon is based within Wealden Forest Park, (near Wildwood) if you’re local. And her training academy is based in Herne-Bay offering a wide range of courses to suit everyone.

Kim Heath is a highly experienced, professional senior stylist. She’s an expert in Razor cutting, an experienced tutor having taught Hairdressing and Barbering. And on top Kim was also formerly head of hairdressing at Canterbury College.

Check out Kim’s very informative Facebook page – Click Here

On Friday the 5th October 2018 I visited Kim’s salon for a colour, cut and restyle. I was feeling very nervous but excited at the same time!

I decided to cover up the mirror. Although I filmed throughout seeing myself in foils, the after look was a complete surprise!

Kim also admitted she felt a little nervous not being able to see my expressions in the mirror and being able to gage if I was happy or not.

Kim and her staff/ family were an absolute joy to work with. The atmosphere was like no other I’ve experience within a salon. It was relaxing, easy going, very informative, happy, professional and much more!

The whole team gel’d together, job sharing, advice sharing, communicating to keep the busy salon gently flowing. There was no feeling of uncomfortableness by myself at any one point. It was a fantastic experience and needless to say I will be returning!

See how I got on by CLICKING HERE for my YouTube video

One very happy client… Clare xo



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