National Pet Month – L.O.L Surprise Pet Collaboration

Hello all, I hope you’re enjoying the glorious weather!?

Watch Summer’s YouTube video by CLICKING HERE

What a whopper it was today…27 degrees!!!!! We’re flipping loving being able to enjoy the paddling pool and sprinkler. Coco our almost 5 month old beautiful Labrador has certainly been getting into lots of mischief!

Do you have any pets? Feel free to tag me in a pic of your fury…or maybe not fury friend via @clareleexo

National pet month runs from 1st April until 7th May. It’s purpose is to celebrate the value of pet ownership. There are many benefits of owning a pet which can be very rewarding.

This month awareness will be raised to encourage responsibility, support pet adoption, pet care specialists and promoting the value of assistance and companion animals amongst many other things.

We were kindly sent a few bits to celebrate raising awareness.

Cookie cutters in dog shape, a chocolate paw lolly and an L.O.L surprise pet! (Black & white cat is Summer’s tag along. She’s going to grow up to be a cat lady I just know it!)

Summer gave making chocolate chip cookies a bash (aged 3) bless her cotton socks!

Whilst the cookies were in the oven Summer couldn’t wait to get her hands on the L.O.L surprise pet.

Summer has been sent many L.O.L surprise dolls in the past but this was the first surprise pet she’d opened and she was super excited and of course she was hoping to get a kitty cat.

If you’ve not heard of these or had the chance to see your little one open a surprise pet it’ll not disappoint.

There are 7 surprises in each L.O.L surprise pet! As you tear down the zip on each layer a new surprise is unveiled. Pets includes puppies, kitties, bunnies and hamsters.

Summer fed her surprise pet and it cried (no photo of proof I’m afraid) but they can also either spit, tinkle or change colour!

The 1st layer includes a secret message sticker, 2nd includes collectible sticker sheet, 3rd includes water bottle charm, 4th a scooper, 5th shoes and the 6th an accessory.

The ball also becomes a purse carrying case, a hang out and a bath play set. There’s also a collector’s poster included. How much fun does this sound!

I was super surprised to see after opening all the bags there was a little something extra I’d not seen before later to realise it was a litter box. Inside was something I can only describe as similar to sand alive. It was soft, semi wet, mouldable and ours with blue.

Summer thoroughly enjoyed opening each layer and then loved  playing with her surprise pet for most of the day outside in the sand and water pit!

Of course Summer finished off with gobbling up the chocolate paw lolly and no, I wasn’t allowed a bite! (Sad emoji face)

What a perfect afternoon celebrating our love for Coco with my favourite little girl.

I hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to share or comment.

Clare xo


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