Name confusion & jogging on the spot…

Buddy, George, Riley I mean Summer! Anyone else have this problem? I mean to tell Summer ‘no’ instead I shout out ‘Riley’, talk about all over the place! Summer (my youngest) is now 2 so I can no longer blame this on baby brains. So what can I blame it on? tiredness or the fact that I’m loosing the plot? Kids…they’re enough to send you round the bend!

Ha! Jogging on the spot. I find this the funniest thing lately…when I say ‘right that’s it’ and then pretend to (jog on the spot) as if to chase after Summer, she will scream with such excitement its hilarious! Anyone else do this or is this just a mad woman moment for me, lol!

Please tell me I’m not alone…Mumsy Mum x


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  2. 29/05/2016 / 11:26 PM

    I often pat the stairs pretending I am chasing my little lady up the stairs and she screams and giggles.

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