I received Riley’s name tags through the post a few days ago and I have kept putting off opening the letter. I thought I would need to clear an evening or at least be in the right frame of mind one quiet afternoon before starting to label some of Riley’s preschool bits.

The dog is running riot, Riley is up and down our 2 flights of stairs with his iPad and Summer is creating as much mess as she can with crayons and chalk! Now is as good time as ever I thought. It needs doing and to be honest when am I going to ever find a ‘quiet’ moment in this crazy house.

I opened the envelope and there was a small note inside thanking me for my purchase (Riley’s were very kindly sent to us for free) along with 56 colour Mr Messy name tags, held inside a plastic sleeve to keep them protected. On the back of the sleeve were clear instructions printed in colour with 3 simple steps how to label clothing and 2 simple steps how to label equipment.

‘Easy peasy’ I thought, I had a quick look at their website to give me some ides of other items instead of just clothing that I could label.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head, £12.95 for some name tags?! I thought to myself lucky these were sent out for free because I wouldn’t pay that and instead would most probably initial his clothing with a permanent marker.

Summer loves a sticker so I gave her the packet and explained we were going to label some of Riley’s clothing for school. Summer has just turned 2 and Riley is 3 and severely Autistic, he doesn’t take much interest in anything except his iPad at the moment.

Wellies were up first as we have already lost them once before at preschool!

Lunch & snack box for preschool


Riley’s coat

And a hoody

The last picture is with the name tag on the small ticket inside as they aren’t suitable to go on fabric.

I have to say I think they’re absolutely great and well worth the money. They’re so easy to apply, it’s a job you can skip and get the kids on the case. You could well just initial clothing with a permanent marker but I think this is actually a lot quicker, more personal, stands out and also won’t come off in the washing machine.

I love the Mr Messy design as that is my little Riley all over, the colours are bright and stand out so hopefully Riley’s coat won’t go walkabouts again. It really couldn’t get any simpler. I am going to keep Riley’s name tags on my desk downstairs and if Riley decides he wants to take a toy or a teddy into school I can very quickly put a sticker on the label before running out the door on the school run.

Love love love My Nametags!

HUGE thumbs up from Mumsy Mum x



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  1. 17/06/2016 / 12:23 AM

    We have plain nametags from the same company, very tempted to get some colourful ones now!

    • Mumsy Mum
      17/06/2016 / 12:24 AM

      I will see if I can get a discount code if you’re interested x

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