My Autistic Child Vs My ‘Normal Child’

This morning Riley (2 & severely autistic) slept in till 10.30 am! Usually I won’t let him sleep past 8.30 am but I thought it’s the weekend, he obviously needs the rest we’ve had yet another busy week!

This gave Summer (1 & ‘normal’) and I 3 hours of mother and daughter quality time together. Oh my word…stressed is an understatement! We’ve had cuddles, tickles, breakfast together, we’ve done drawing & sticking, flicked through all the cartoon channels, had the iPad out and we have even laid on the sofa together to have a power nap and Summer has continued throughout to whinge, throw herself on the floor and scream the house down!

Talk about hard work!

I took Summer upstairs to lay her down as I could only put her tantrums down to her waking up too early. Riley’s awake!!!

Riley had big smiles this morning he let me change his bum and get him dressed without any problems, he held my hand and we walked downstairs together. Riley guided me into the front room where his juice and cereal were ready waiting for him. He’s now sat on the sofa munching away just chilled out and watching tv.

Summer is here there and everywhere. (I decided to bring Summer back downstairs now Riley is up in the hope I could have some peace) Summer has taken Riley’s iPad from him and thrown it on the floor and is now standing on it! She has also thrown Riley’s cereal on the floor. It doesn’t seem to matter how much role playing we do, Summer will not play with her toys instead she just throws them over her shoulder until the box is empty!

Riley is happily pottering around the room playing with toys and reading/looking though books. Riley likes to line his wooden stacker bricks up on the window seal and his cars (anything with wheels) on the back of the sofa.

Summer will come along climb on the sofa and push Riley’s cars off she will also try and pull/ snatch toys from Riley when he’s playing happily. Summer is going through a pinching and biting Riley stage and started smacking me when she can’t get her own way, little madam!

Riley who is non-verbal and ‘labeled’ Autistic is such a loving, very happy and very content 2 year old little boy in his own little bubble. He will occasionally have a sensory overload resulting in a meltdown which is uncontrollable. This is just his way of letting me know he needs a time out or his own space. Other than the meltdowns, guessing what he wants when he gets frustrated and having to carry him now and again  I would say Riley is as good as gold.

Summer on the other hand who is ‘labeled normal’ is a non-stop attention seeking, whinging, screaming, throwing herself down on the floor for no reason, going through the terrible 2’s already toddler!! She is such a character, madam, monkey, little shit bag, my very own little mini me! Of course I love her t death (it goes without saying!) she wants to walk everywhere, wants to touch and look at everything. If you tell Summer no she will scream the place down – end off!

Like butter wouldn’t melt! ?

As a Mother of both a ‘normal and a disabled’ child I can honestly say out of the 2, my ‘normal’ child is the biggest pain in my arse!!!! (At the moment anyway!)

Peppa pig mold able foam soap – sensory play!

Riley’s meltdowns will usually create an audience if we’re out (which by the way I don’t care about anymore!) but this is just purely his way of trying to communicate with his Mummy.

Whereas when Summer has a meltdown/ tantrum this is just her way of showing her temper because she can’t get her own way or wants more attention.

Nothing is perfect!

So my point is – next time you see a Mum, whether you…who’s reading this is also a Mum or a Dad, boy, girl, teenager, cleaner, carer, shop assistant, CEO…whatever it doesn’t matter!!!

Rather than ASSUME what that persons child is ie ‘a brat’, ‘naughty’ blah blah blah, why not just give s/he a little smile to reassure and comfort them that they’re not being judged, stared at or commented about!

We have all seen/ read this quote before –


The same respect should also be applied to all the mothers, fathers, carers, guardians etc! STOP assuming you know the ins and outs of her/ his life or what s/he is and has gone through because lets face it, what are the positives of being judgmental??? NOTHING!!!!!

Lets raise awareness TOGETHER, stand TOGETHER!!!!

Mumsy Mum x









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