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Is it just me or are nappies bliming expensive? It feels like I’m forever running out of them and as much as I would love to skip this expensive item off my  shopping list I just can’t at moment!
I have 2 toddlers. Riley who is 3 and was diagnosed severely autistic in June 2015 and Summer who is 2 and venturing through the wonderful terrible two stage, joy! Both children are still in nappies. I only buy size 6+ nappies, I am passed the stage of buying two different sizes as it turned out to be an inconvenience I didn’t need on top of everything else.

Size 6+ allows Summer plenty of room however it’s been a real challenge to find size 6+ nappies that don’t leave Riley with red marks, a sore bum or leak throughout the night. You’re probably reading this thinking size 6+ is the same size across all the brands? Wrong!

From the moment Riley was born I’ve used Pampers. I liked the feel, they absorbed well and are a well-known brand and so I stuck with them for both my children until very recently when I switched to Sainsbury’s Little ones brand. I found these gave Riley a little more room than Pampers to move around in. I have been using these for quite some months now and although they are ok they’re still not 100% and leave Riley with a few red marks here and there. I have reached out for some professional help in order to get some larger nappies that can’t be found in your local supermarkets.

You’re probably thinking aged 2 and 3 why haven’t you thought about potty training? I have thought about it many times and it’s pains me big time to spend out such a fortune on nappies. Riley is nowhere near the potty training stage. Riley’s non verbal with no awareness therefore potty training is completely out of the question.

Summer has lately been sharing with me when she has done a poo or wee and so during the Summer holidays when we can stay at home (no preschool runs) and concentrate on the potty I’m aiming to hit the nail on the head before she starts preschool in September with her big brother.

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Last week courtesy of Mumsnet, I was very kindly sent a packet of size 6 (extra large) nappies to trial. They were the Toujours brand as sold in Lidl. The moment I opened the nappies up I felt an instant difference in the quality compared to Pampers. Toujours nappies do not feel as soft and thick. however saying that I do think they are ever so slightly larger. I have used these nappies on Riley and Summer for the last week. There have not been any leaks overnight, no red marks due to them being too tight on Riley or any sore bums! I don’t know the exact price of the nappies but I am led to believe they are very reasonable priced.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial these Mumsnet you have a thumbs up from me!

Mumsy Mum x



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