Mother and daughter quality time together

Yesterday after dropping Riley at preschool I decided I’d take Summer to Whitstable¬†beach for some mother and daughter bonding time. It was a bit windy but we had loads of fun throwing stones in the sea, chasing each other, dipping our feet in the sea and taking selfies.

We then walked up to the castle and Summer spent the whole walk up the hill saying ‘bouncy castle’ I didn’t want to tell her it was just a regular castle as that may have triggered off a tantrum leading to me having to carry her (playing it safe, haha!) We wandered around the beautiful gardens and then headed to the park for a little play. I’m so used to being at Riley’s side just incase, Summer however abandoned me. I sat on the bench twiddling my thumbs, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

After the park I thought we’d head to the supermarket and get a pack of ice creams that are the equivalent to the price of 1 at most places. On the way back I saw a sign for PYO (pick your own) strawberries. I haven’t been strawberry picking in years that was something I had done with my Mum.

Summer loves a strawberry and I though I would be an enjoyable and educational trip. Summer held onto the basket I picked the strawberries, managed to slip over on foxes poo and I got squashed strawberry all up my dress. Summer mostly supervised and ate the strawberries, haha!

Loads of fun with my little girl yesterday and the saying is definitely true ‘the best things in life are free’


MM x


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