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Hotter Boots

This has got to be one of my favourite footwear brands. I’d heard of and seen ‘Hotter‘ whilst passing in various towns, however it wasn’t until the Summer just gone (2016) that I was properly introduced to the brand. I attended a blog event with Hotter and instantly fell in love with their visionarys and values. I was gifted a beautiful floral pair of wedges in the Summer time click here to read about my previous experience.

With it no longer being Summer and not being able to sport my beautiful footwear until next year I was kindly gifted a pair of boots for the Autumnal/ Winter months.




Have you visited a Hotter branch recently? There’s such a wide range of Autumn/ Winter footwear, and lots of colours to choose from. Very similar to when I chose my first pair of Hotter shoes in the Summer the moment I saw the ‘Lotty’ boots I knew they were coming home with me!




This new leather and nubuck ankle boot not only boasts premium comfort, but high quality styling too. There’s plenty of room thanks to a deep toe box with padded insoles for cushioned support and inside zips. Stretchy V detail finishes the Lotty look. I received these boots a while ago and like my Mother Hoodie I have lived in these. I wanted to wear them a few times before I wrote my review to see if I got any discomfort from them. Nope nope and nope, nothing but pure comfort! The Lotty boots are fashionable, comfortable and can be match with most outfits. One of my favourite features with these boots is the tread on the bottoms. I’ve had many boots in the past and I have fallen on my backside many time too because there has been little or no grip.



When I am wearing these boots I feel comfortable and confident, rain or shine my boots will keep my feet relaxed and warm. I was provided with some footwear protector priced at a reasonable £5. I was advised to spray these on my boots before the first time I wear these and then every so often to help keep them protected against weather damage. I purchased some Jacq socksA few sprays at a 30cm distance and the light mist will keep these looking as good as new.

These are 100% cotton and the best material for your feet and no doubt a lot of other ares of our bodies. We’re using are feet constantly for everything and it’s so easily forgotten that they are most probably one of the most important part of our bodies and therefore need to be looked after. Choosing good socks and footwear is just the beginning and why not choose to do this with Hotter.





As soon as I got home I sprayed my boots and left them over night to dry, I gave them 2 coats. I have worn my boots and socks religiously. I love them and because they are leather these will see me through many more years to come. Thank you Hotter and I will no doubt see you soon!

Parent Apparel

I flipping love my ‘Mother Hoodie’ from Parent Apparel! Since I received this I’ve quite literally lived in it. It’s the most comfy and snuggly hoody I own. Details about My Mother Hoodie can be found by clicking on the link. Parent Apparel offer comfy, warm and well made clothing and other accessories including badges, bags and more with fun motos. These are a great conversation starter! I wish I could own one of everything they make. Check out their website to see the full range of their items including the new ‘Child Hoodie



True Company


Mirai Facial & Advanced Plus for 2 people Teeth Whitening System

Have you heard of ‘True Company‘? I hadn’t heard of them until they got in contact with me to try out two of their products the Mirai Facial and Teeth whitening system.


I was so excited to try this product. I am a huge fan of teeth whitening strips and I’ve not used a peroxide free product or LED light before. I was kindly sent a teeth whitening system for 2 and thankfully I had another set of mouth guards to fall back on as I melted the first set!


Following the instructions step by step I poured boiling water into a cup ready to dunk my plastic mouth guard in for a few seconds. After a few seconds remove from water, apply in your mouth and bite down hard to make an imprint of your teeth in the shield.


Starting at the top left and moving across you can see I improved with every shield. The top 2, the upper and lower shield had to be sadly binned as  I ruined them, oh dear! After 2 ‘trials’ haha, I eventually had 2 perfect shields with a bite mark in. Next you remove the plastic tabs and dry.




Apply the solution, turn on the LED put in your mouth and boom! It really is as simple as that, after overcoming the melt-age, haha!

img_0011 img_0074-2 fullsizerender-31










I really like this product and the fact it’s peroxide free however I found it quite a lot of bother opposed to just peeling off the whitening strips (that I have used in the past) and throwing in the bin. The LED is still going strong after using all of the solution which is a positive. Perhaps it was just me but I found myself holding a paper towel under my chin and constantly dribbling into this. Also after putting the shield into your mouth and then putting in the LED light, rather than this being held in place but an additional pocket on the shield you had to hold it tightly with your lips. In my case pouting! I found this made my mouth achy and I didn’t use the product for as long as I would have liked each time nor did I use the product as much as I would have liked because I found it a chore.

I did see a difference in the colour in my teeth and they felt as strong as they did before using the product. The product had a light fragrance and didn’t make my teeth feel sensitive in any way. I’m happy I tried out this product but I wouldn’t try this out again in a rush.


Mirai Face and Mirai Cleanser


I was super excited to find out I was being sent this product. There has been such a huge hype on the internet I couldn’t wait to unpack my product and plug onto charge.


Mentally I had planned the perfect pamper evening for myself incorporating in my new toy! The packaging was very cute and the device came with all the relevant paperwork including instructions and warrant details. It was very straight forward to charge this and I left this for a few hours.

img_2653-2 img_6789


First impressions? It felt like I was massaging a vibrator around my face #justsaying.

Unless I had a wet face (as in if I were in the bath/shower) I found this dried very quickly and the cleanser doesn’t lather much if any. The first time I used this I failed to see what all the hype was about. But over time I can see this was doing wonders for my complexion. Was it the cleanser or the device? I’ve found this very easy to adapt into my daily routine, my skin feels soft, looks radiant and my face feels very relaxed! It doesn’t require a constant charge so I leave the usb cable next to my bed along with my iPhone charger to charge now and again.

Really like this product it had become a regular in my skin care regime.


Sensodyne PRONAMEL Toothpaste & Mouthwash


With PRONAMEL, minerals penetrate deep into the enamel surface, actively strengthening and re-hardening weakened enamel making it healthy, stronger and better protected from the effects of acids – every day!

Fact of the day – did you know that Sensodyne PRONAMEL is dentists number 1 recommendation for acid wear? You do now, haha! PRONAMEL toothpaste is suitable for people with sensitive teeth and for children it’s a toothpaste specially designed to help protect children’s vulnerable teeth from tooth decay and Acid Wear.

Using this twice a day can help with the following –

  1. Protect from the effects of Acid Wear
  2. Protect from sugar acids, a leading cause of tooth decay
  3. Maintain healthy teeth and gums
  4. Clean and freshen your mouth

I’m a little funny when it comes to a new toothpaste, I have used Oral B for years. My gums are very sensitive and will sometimes peel inside my mouth when changing toothpaste. I was surprised to find there wasn’t a change when trialling this new paste. The taste was minty and not too over powering I felt a good lather would build up and when rinsing left my breath smelling fresh and my teeth feeling strong, healthy and clean.

The mouthwash was equally just as good. Some mouthwashes I have used in the past have stung the inside of my mouth and I have had to spit it out quickly and rinse. However with Sensodyne I could happily swirl around my mouth for a few minutes, spit and not need to rinse. It’s great to know I have found a great product that my mouth is accepting to. I feel my breath also felt fresher for longer.


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