Man Polish Tinted Moisturiser – Skin Review

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I was a little hesitant to apply for this collaboration as it’s obviously a product designed and produced for men. However once reading – ‘finally a product the girls can pinch from the bathroom and use too’ I thought I’d give it a try for myself.

I’m positively surprised by this item. The packaging is simple and was presented beautifully in a glass pot, stating all the necessities.

Below is the exact item I was kindly gifted. CLICK HERE to purchase yours, you can receive a 15% discount using code – MP2018

Man Polish Subtle Gradual Face Tanner – Mens Tinted Moisturiser – 18.95 (P&P 2.99)

I have very sensitive skin and finding a good moisturiser that not only does what it says on the pot but also doesn’t bring my skin up in a red, itchy rash is an issue I’ve always struggled with. I usually tend to stick with what I know works.

On opening the lid I was surprised to not be hit by an overpowering ‘male scent’ Instead I found this item to have a very neutral smell. The colour was white and the texture smooth and almost weightless.

Although the instructions said to apply a thin layer to my skin I applied a thick layer as I tend to have relatively dry skin apart from my t-section. The product melted into skin leaving this feeling soft, smooth, light in weight. 6 hours on and I haven’t had any issues regarding redness, my skin feeling itchy or the need to wash this off. My t-section has also remained matte.

If you’re looking to subtly enhance your skin, Man Polish Subtle gradual face tanner is the way forward. This is designed to add a healthy glow to the skin along with a surge of hydration, it’s one of the most subtle and effective ways to improve your skin’s appearance and health. Once you’ve tried Subtle, you’ll feel naked without it.

This Is Subtle Gradual Face Tanner That Is:

• Fragrance free,

• Vegan friendly

• Not tested on animals

• Natural ingredients

• Suitable for sensitive skin

• Affordable (we deliver a £45 product for far less)

• Made in the UK

• 50p is given to CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably charity

This is a product I 100% recommend and will definitely continue to use this. With the Winter months ahead the fact this item will not only keep my skin feeling hydrated and soft but also offer a slight tint of tan is a win win in my books.

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