Lovely Family Day Out…Or Not!

I had a great body sculpt class at the gym this morning followed by a delicious M&S soup for lunch, so far so good. Mick was off today and we decided to head to Whitstable beach for some fresh air with the kiddies and dogs. Half an hour after parking the car we found ourselves destressing at the closest pub we could find.

Getting everyone out the car, the trailer set up and making sure I had everything and everyone was enough to make me want to get straight back in the car and head home. Riley refused to stay in the trailer, he wouldn’t hold my hand and was adamant to walk in the opposite direction we were going with zero awareness. Summer was head banging every 10 minutes or so along with kicking and screaming because she wanted to get out the trailer! 

Buddy and George and now known as the Twat dogs and if it wasn’t for the dogs trust being closed on Wednesdays I’m pretty sure I’d have checked them both in on our way home. George walks one way and Buddy the other. Buddy pulls on the lead so it sounds like I’m strangling him and pulls me despite me constantly trying to train him then George runs in and out of my legs tripping me up and tangling me in the leads.

A large glass of RosΓ¨ was essential if meant me getting back to the car and loading everyone and everything away without flipping my lid. Β£6 for a large glass of wine…sheesh that’s the equivalent price to a bottle of wine at my local co-op! It was pretty rancid to be fair but it did the trick and I was feeling a lot more at ease after it.

I picked up some fresh seafood at the harbour on route back to the car and some dog bones from the butchers.

I do love Whitstable, what is there not to love? The beach, sea breeze, the tea rooms, Whitstable castle, funky overpriced little shops that you can’t squeeze into with a buggy, the harbour plus loads more. There’s just something about this querky little town that stole my heart from the first moment I stepped into it. I will own my own cozy 3 bedroom bungalow along the seaside one day.

Home by 4pm, car unloaded, dogs outside with new bones and dinner and I head straight into the kitchen to start on. dinner! Talk about no rest for the wicked. Hmmm maybe I handed in my notice too soon :/

Have you visited the lovely town Whitstable? If so did you get up to anything exciting? Or do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear from you πŸ™‚

Mumsy Mum x


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