Life’s A Beach!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate my beautiful daughter in the feature image, haha!

For the last few days I/ we have been working solid in the garden to make it a much more child friendly and safe zone ready for a beautiful Summer 2017 – fingers crossed! Whilst a lot was getting done garden wise, the kids were starting to show signs of boredom and fair play to them! There’s only so much Mr Tumble one can take before anywhere but home seems a better place.

When I was pregnant (carrying Summer) I would visit my hometown on a regular basis/ weekly. Everything always felt so familiar and safe. It was quieter than where we lived, with so much greenery and beautiful flowers which made me feel very happy inside.

Riley and I would do a complete circle of the town, parking in the same place each time we visited. It was sort of like a Mummy and Son routine we both shared. I’d walk along the canal with Riley in his buggy. I’d then let Riley out to crawl/ walk, we’d share a picnic and feed the birds in the field on our way to the beach. Once we got to the beach I’d play with Riley in the sand pit, admiring the sea letting my mind just wonder. After the beach we’d walk right along the seaside for our final stop at the library park then headed back to the car and home. That’d be a full day out for us and we’d be back in time for dinner.

When Summer arrived we carried on regularly with our days out but things got/ seemed much harder. The more time that passes the less we venture out on our favourite route. To be perfectly honest I struggle in general, to take both children out at the same time without thinking ‘I wish we’d just stayed at home’

Riley is buggy bound everywhere! He can walk independently but doesn’t have any awareness including danger. If Riley isn’t allowed to walk the way he wants and I try to hold his hand he will either want picking up (weighing 3 stone+ – I don’t think so!) or he will fall to the floor. So going anywhere without a buggy is just a no NO!

Summer is almost 3 and whilst she is such a good walker, her legs are only little and she gets tired needing a break now and then. She refuses to stand on a buggy board and pretending to walk off saying ‘bye Summer’ no longer works. Plus I’m scared of the fact that if I take my eyes off her for a moment someone will snatch her (there’s so much evil in this world I try to be prepared for the worst) So I end up having to carry Summer with one arm what feel like most of the trip and push Riley in the buggy with the other hand (plus no swivel front wheel – Mum’s are you feeling my pain?!)

I’m getting to the story about yesterday in a moment, bare with… (hands over eyes)

So, I’m on the hunt for a means that I think hasn’t yet been invented! A special needs buggy/ push chair with an attachable/ detachable seat for my daughter when she gets tired. Summer is a year younger than Riley and it’s understandably confusing for her to see her big brother in the buggy but she has had to walk since turning 2 because there simply is no other way. Any suggestions???

OK…so yesterday!

The day had been planned the night before but we didn’t follow a plan – if you get me?! There was no clock watching and we thought we’d just get out when we get out without any rushing or planning. I hate not planning I feel out of control and not ready for any situation that may happen. To cut a very long story short we arrived at lunch time, parked up and sat along the beach to have fish and chips but they wouldn’t serve sausages outside of the restaurant so we decided to go elsewhere. By this time the kids had both seen the sea/ beach and wanted to stretch they legs after an hour odd trip in the car.

We instead went to another place to eat where I knocked back 2 glasses of Rose’ with plenty of room left for more (ps I wasn’t driving!) The food was yummy and Summer did her 1st wee on a public toilet! You go girl!!!!! (Potty training blog & vlog to follow shortly)

After food we headed to our ‘usual’ parking spot, bought our loaves of bread to feed the birds and headed along the canal on our way to the field to feed the birds. Guess what…Riley fell asleep! When Riley falls asleep there is no hope in waking him until he is ready to get up.

Instead of crossing the field we took the pavement as there was a football match going on. Summer wanted carrying on and off and for the moment she wasn’t being carried managed to trip over falling flat on her face – bless her! She then spent the rest of the trip to the beach limping telling me how she was hurt and needed to see the doctor, no idea where she gets her attention seeking from, haha!

We arrived at the beach and it was such a beautiful day. There were families strolling together laughing and chatting away. Ice cream after ice cream everywhere. People swimming in the sea and sunbathing. BBQ’s on the go and stone throwers. It was just lovely being around others and not feeling anxious (because Riley was asleep I guess – how sh!t is that)

Summer decided she wanted to walk across the beach, throw some stones, find her favourite one and then wanted carrying back up the mountains of stones once her toes touched the sea! I cannot believe how unfit I’ve gotten. She did manage to catch a few people’s attention when she shouted ‘Mummy what’s that? Mummy a shark!’ FFS trust my girl.

Summer managed to whip another child’s spade casually walking across the sandpit before getting totally busted! Bad Mummy for forgetting to bring toys. We then used every bribe in the book to try to move on from the sandpit and back closer to the car after what felt like hours. All we/I certainly wanted to do was head home, sit in the garden with a huge glass of Rose’ and just chill.

Summer very kindly accepted the offer of an ice cream and a lolly pop and well…most of Mummy’s can of fizzy drink, that girl! When did the prices of ice creams go up! £2 for a Magnum?! Every dog the past Summer would point and shout out ‘ah that doggy is so cute’ which was sweet to hear the first few times but It got a little ear bashing after the 50th dog had passed, ah!

A little running along the sea front in the direction of the car but mostly Summer being carried, we were on our way back. We stopped at the field to feed the birds where I thought they were so hungry they might have eaten us, poxy scavengers! It was funny to see Summer throwing the bread like she wanted to take a few of the seagulls down. She was shouting at the birds and throwing bread – a right little madam!

We decided that after 4 hours we’d skip the park, it started to get a little cold and Riley was STILL asleep 4 hours later!

Once we got home I flopped on the sofa, I fancied a nice cuppa and a snooze. Riley however had a totally different evening planned he was alive and kicking!!

Looking back at the photos from yesterday I think wow how beautiful, what lovely pictures. But at the time I fill myself with such worry and stress thinking that things may go wrong. It was a good day…

Are you enjoying the Easter holidays? Have you been to the beach yet? I’d love to hear your thought on my post, drop me a line (click here)



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