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Good day to you, how are ya?

I’m so flipping happy to be writing this upbeat and positive blog today!!!

I’ve been feeling really quite negative after the last two posts. I really don’t want my blog to come across in a moaning light. But I did feel it essential to get my story/ies out on the big wide web. The internet is such a great tool for others to be able to learn, compare, relate, share and much much more.

If we don’t talk about what is real, our experiences whether they be positive or negative how can we learn? Life is already hard enough as is it. If my blog/ a post makes even just a small difference to someone, then it makes it all work while to me.

Right, moving on…On Monday I visited Kim Heath’s salon. Click here to read about my last visit.

When you’re happy with something, whether that be a service, the treatment you received or even simply just kindness it’s only natural to return to this. Kim’s salon offers all of the above.

On my last visit, Kim created a bayalage look. This is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques.

On this visit I requested to go a little blonder ready for the Summer and asked to have a full head of highlights. I explained that where I’d had a previous t-section of highlights my roots had grown out and this had created very noticeable lines. I also explained about my recent allergic reaction to Henna with my eyebrows (click here) and how I couldn’t have any future colour.

Kim was training a level 3 student. I’ve never had my hair done by a trainee before. I guess this is because, like most people I would want to get my hair done but an already qualified stylist. Maybe psychologically this offers us more peace of mind, but is this always the case?

I have to be honest I felt totally at ease without any worries what so ever. Kim and her student spoke amongst themselves about the service that was to be carried out. Everything, from the way my hair would be best sectioned, the way the foils would need to be put in, to remove future lines when my roots grew out.

An incompatibility test was also carried out to check for any metallic salts to protect my hair and scalp against any reaction. Kim had decided to put in a few brow foils to break my hair up. Although after the stories I’d read online after my reaction I felt anxious she offered me total reassurance. I felt safe in her hands.

Kim said that sectioning the hair can take a little while but foiling was the easy job. I guess like most things, it’s the preparation that takes the longest but it’s all worthwhile once you see the end result.

Whilst the lovely trainee sectioned my hair and started putting in the foils. Kim and I had a great natter, like usual. About life, family, work…everything actually! I don’t know another woman like Kim. She’s such a refreshing, strong-minded and strong-willed individual, a real go getter! I could go on all day about the amount of respect I have for her…but I won’t.

If you’re looking for a professional, inclusive salon where you obtain high quality cuts, colours and more. In a friendly environment where you can feel at ease, can have a laugh, feel part of the process, feel free to ask question, join in in everyones conversation, have a cup of tea, have a cry, whatever the weather. The you really must visit this salon at – Wealden Forest Park, Canterbury, Kent.

Once the foils were all in, Kim and her trainee were busy checking on how well the colour was developing on some of the first foils put in. Some were washed out with a towel and spray and others left a little longer. Once completed I was taken over to the sink to have the bleach washed out. A toner was applied for a short period to achieve the desired colour getting rid of any brassy tones.

One of the foils had slightly slipped out (bled – I think was the hairdressing term used) It was no bother, Kim jumped in and corrected this. The trainee had to leave for the school run and so Kim took over and we furthered our chat.

5 and half hours later and I was walking out the door feeling like a new woman! I’d not just had my hair done. Kim had given me so much more in that time. Honesty, motivation, advice she’s is not only a very experienced and knowledgable hairstylist herself, she’s also a nurturing teacher and it goes without saying a wonderful human being.

The trainee (I forgot her name, sorry!) Was professional and got her head down straight away and on with the service. She was knowledgeable and in any areas she needed a little help Kim would offer her utmost support.

The whole service carried out was very professional, friendly, relaxing and at a very reasonable cost. I’d seriously recommend you to next time try having your hair done by a trainee. We all have to start somewhere, lets show them a bit more support.

Kim runs a training academy along with running her busy salon. She has learned that to maximise full capacity with her classes she needs to be flexible to appeal to everybody and their home lives. This is the complete opposite approach to my recent college experience.

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Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading.

Clare xo


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