Kiddylicious super snacks – For little super heros everywhere!

Kiddylicious very kindly sent Riley and Summer a box of goodies to try. The first savoury crisps for toddlers made from quinoa and lentils. Enclosed were 2 products from their new range and a few others treats. At the bottom of the box laid some straw which gave a lovely finishing touch. It was a superb surprise to receive first thing in the morning. Just as I was running low on snacks too!

Kiddylicious provide products that are delicious in a perfect snack-sized portion. Most of their snacks offer a slow energy release along some of the following great benefits (check individual packaging) –

  1. No artificial additives, salt, sugar, milk, nuts, lactose or egg
  2. Gluten-free
  3. 1 of your 5 a day
  4.  Suitable for vegetarians, lactose intolerant and coeliacs
  5. Contains naturally occurring sugars, naturally flavoured
  6. Super grain, super food
  7. Offers a slow, steady release of energy
  8. High course of protein

What is there not to love about the wide range of yummy snacks Kiddylicious have to offer?

Sour cream and chive lentil crisps – (Gluten free) –

After an eventful shopping trip and a visit to the park. I handed the kiddies a bag of sour cream and chive lentil crisps each. Summer whipped the bag from my hand and Riley threw it back at me. On route home I kept offering the bag to Riley. (Aged 3 and severely autistic) Perhaps he didn’t like the feel, texture or simply the smell. Riley didn’t seem very interested. Summer (aged 2) polished off both bags of delicious lentil crisps. I helped myself to a few, they were very moreish! They’re a healthy and tasty snack.

Quinoa crisps –

Today I’m allowing a pj day for Riley and Summer. I need to catch up on my paperwork and reviews. Just handed the kiddies a bag each of Quinoa crisps as a light mid morning snack. Riley tried the crisps which was a start. Summer happily sat in the chair watching Peppa Pig munching away.

Of course I snuck a crisp or 2. I’m the one writing the reviews so it’s only fair I get a nibble too. Yum yum, these are also very moreish! They’re a light bite without huge overpowering flavour. They remind me a little of popadoms but with a slightly different taste.

Other treats enclosed –

Fruity puffs (strawberry)

Strawberry & banana smoothie melts

Fruit wiggles (strawberry)

Riley and Summer love this snacks and they are all gluten and dairy free. I know from experience when I had Riley on one of the many ‘Autistic diets.’ There isn’t much else to say about these products accept the kids love these!





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