Hello January! – National Holidays & Observances (Happy New Year !!!)

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to you all!!!

How was your Christmas? Did you get everything you asked Father Christmas for? Were you naughty or nice? Are you now in debt and going to spend the next year paying this back?! Did your little ones enjoy opening their gifts? Did you manage to burn the turkey? What was your highlight, get in touch I’d love to hear.

Today I’m going to sharing with you some of January’s national holidays and observances. I have to be honest I’ve been completly oblivious to these! Starting 2017 i.e. today! My family and I are going to embrace as much as we possibly can!

National bath safety month

This is such an important subject! Of course it goes without saying that it’s imperative to both eyes on your child whilst they are in the bath at all times. It only takes a few seconds for something terrible to happen. I come with a few simply tips as a reminder to keeping out little ones safe not just during the month of January but all year round!

  • If you haven’t already invest in a non slip mat for in the bath and on the floor if you have a tiles or slippery surface when wet.
  • If your children are small but like to be independent a step is a great way to teach then how to get in and out the bath themselves. Plus they usually have a non slip grip. Also a grab bar is really handy.
  • Try not to encourage too much splashing as a wet floor can cause accidents 🙁
  • Keep your portable home telephone or a mobile handy with you whilst doing bath times ‘just in case’
  • Always wait until the bathtub is finished filling up before placing your child in the water, as the temperature can change!
  • Avoid bath toys with hard edges or points that could be hazardous if your child falls onto them.

Taking these steps toward preventing falls and accidents in your bathroom could definitely help save a life. Lets put them into practice right away as part of National Bath Safety Month. (I hope some of them were a helpful reminder)

National blood donor month

Start the New Year with a resolution to roll up a sleeve to give blood this month and throughout 2017

National hobby month

Figure out what your current hobby is. Maybe complete some online surveys to see what your strengths and weaknesses are if nothing jumps out. Ask around, perhaps your friends and family can help you with highlighting your hidden talent. Do some research for ideas around your hobby. Once you have found your hobby, commit and perhaps find a hobby buddy so you can work together. Take up some classes to help better yourself. After a while sit back and have a think if this is something you’re enjoying. If so find ways how you can make money!

National hot tea month

I am defiantly going to try and embrace a ‘hot’ cup of tea this month! I am used to knocking back a semi cold cuppa constantly!

National oatmeal month

I am looking forward to getting my baking on with my little ones. Wish me luck!

National slow cooker month

I love my slow cooker! Well saying that I have only used it about 3 times! The only thing I know how to cook is gammon and usually make this at christmas. It’s so easy you simply put in the joint fill to the top with water and leave it on over night! The finish is amazing succulent gammon that melts in your mouth, it’s a must try!

National soup month

I love a bowl of soup. I’m a little lazy I’m honest and tend to buy the premade ones you find in the refrigerator in supermarkets. I am going to take the task upon me this month to make my own soup. Do you have any good recipes you can share with me?

Holy moly January is already looking to be a great month full of lots of youtube videos and activities to keep us busy. Will you join in the fun with me and tag me in any posts you upload related to this months national holidays and observations? Wishing you all a lovely month!

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