It’s NOT My Party But I’ll Cry If I Want To!

I’d just like to start off this blog with a tip of the day as I cannot for the life of me believe there is 190 calories in just 7 Brazil nuts! My addiction is killing me and messing with my positive diet.

Okay! So a few weeks back Riley received a birthday invitation…big deal a lot of you are probably thinking. To us,  me…it really was a BIG deal. It was the 2nd invite and although my brain instantly started playing games and questioning was it a sympathy invite i tried to put this to the back of my mind. We were going and that was that.

Today was the day 12-2 pm and anxious was one way to put it especially as it was 11 am and I had left getting a card and present until he last minute (yet again)

We rushed to the shop and after purchasing a card, a few gifts and a whole lot of other crap I didn’t need. We sat in the car and wrote in my best child’s hand writing in the card and lazily wrapped the gifts in tissue paper minus the sellotape (hands over eyes)

We arrived and guess what…we are late! All the children were playing games in the center  and Mums and Dads were sitting around the outside of the hall. I walk in juggling my bag, Riley and Summer’s hands and the birthday gifts. The birthday boy runs up and takes the gift and runs off, well there goes my money. The Mum of the birthday boy says hello to us and I desperately search to find a vacant seat to get away from staring eyes.

Through the middle of the hall we walk. I pull down a chair, Summer watches close by and Riley is overwhelmed with the music, the children and the excitement. He instantly starts flapping and streaking I ask if he is excited.


For a split second I imagine I am not myself and in fact across the room with my ‘normal’ child and what I would have thought if i’d seen a little boy behave in this manor. But within seconds this fades from my mind and my eyes have separated. 1 on Riley and the other on Summer! My hands are full and I simply don’t have time to worry about what everyone is thinking or maybe saying (if they are that is)


I smiled to a few Mum’s I recognized from the pre-school but no-one really stopped to chat. Buy hey I’m used to ‘small talk’ because apparently no on knows what to say to a parent with a disabled child…as if we are any different, huh?


Riley in my opinion was as good as gold. He didn’t interact with the party games but then again I didn’t expect him to nor would I have wanted him to be out of his comfort zone. Summer was intrigued, she’s a mini me and going to be a handful I know! Summer threw down a tantrum every 20 minutes about something or another, it’s difficult to keep up with what happened this time when it’s so frequent. I’m proud and feel very lucky to have missed the ‘terrible 2’ stage with Riley.


Ooooh I just found a cheeky brazil nut in a blind spot of the bowl….nom nom! (siting at an angle)

At lunchtime Summer was up at the table chatting away eating junk and Riley sat on a chair to the side of the hall with me eating his gluten and dairy free snacks watching BabyTV on my iphone. He was happy enough and therefore so was I. I wasn’t about to force him to sit at the table because that’s the ‘normal’ thing to do.


Overall I’m happy with our time at the party and I’m glad I forced myself out of my pj’s. I felt there were eyes looking at us particularly Riley when he flapped and shrieked but that may or may not have been in my head. Either way I’m not going to loose any sleep over it. It’s good practice for what is still to come in the future because my son was born different.

Tip 2 of the day – Do something that scares you everyday

I’d love to hear about any obstacles you may try to over come or any past experiences or even just a simple hello would suffice. It’s always nice to hear your thoughts 🙂

Mumsy Mum x





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  1. Kate
    29/04/2016 / 8:45 PM

    Am glad you came to the party! It was great to have a chat(although I know I was running about like a headless chicken at times haha) and to see Summer and Riley enjoying themselves. Riley sat so well eating his food to! Matthew loves his pressies and wore the backpack for days on end adding other things to it like a mountain of cars and trucks haha!x

    • 29/04/2016 / 8:54 PM

      I’m glad we came too you made us feel very welcome. You were fine Hun running around by yourself sorting everything, you poor thing. I’m just so glad we came along. The kids loved the gf & df cakes you made! Mummy didn’t like the mess much tho ? Really happy to hear Matthew liked his pressies xx

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