It’s Just Pants…?!

Last night I decided I’d take the rare opportunity to have a wander around Asda on my lonesome as I felt I needed a ‘time out’ after a busy day. Instead of the food isles I thought I’d head to the clothes and book isles for a change.

After checking for new clothes and bedding for the children and what I could buy extra for Summer’s birthday on the 14th of May I get to the women’s section.

Truth be told I have absolutely no idea about fashion anymore or what colors are currently in. I throw a pair of 3/4 length dark jeans in the trolley, being a practical Mum these days and thinking this will go with everything! Next isle…pants!

Omg!! I have quite literally been in desperate need of some new pants for months (hands over eyes) Not because they have holes in or are hanging on by a thread (I just thought I’d put it out there) but because I have lost weight…over 2 stone to be precise and I seem to be forever pulling them up…classy image I know!

So other than worrying about your every day dramas as a Mum…omg is that the time, its time for lunch or Riley needs socks or new trousers, I need to buy dog food or take the cat to the vets. Stressing about the seasons changing and the preschool now requesting sun cream and hats rather than wet suits and wellies.I need to arrange a meeting with the preschool or chase up he speech and language therapist, I need to eat something before I pass out, you get the idea. There is always something that needs doing in my house and my head feels like it is 24/7 spinning!

But today I told myself I desperately needed pants! It’s probably bottom of my list but it needed to be done nonetheless. So when did buying pants get so confusing? I came to realize I didn’t just have to look for my size and throw a few pairs in the trolley and get on my way, I had to choose a design! A design for pants…seriously?! I don’t have time for all this, I just need a simple pair of knickers that fit!


Full brief, short, hi-leg, thong, mini, midi and Brazilian! I just want to buy some god damn pants! I don’t care too much about the design as I’m not trying to impress anyone. These days I’m all about comfort! Unless I’m going out somewhere nice or wear a certain design of trousers which lets be honest never happens, my thong days are well and truly over! Jeez, what do you get out of wearing a thong? Accept the reminder of a constant wedge all day?! Throw me a pair of granny pants and I’m in my element! Does anyone else feel my pains or am I just alone here?

Eventually after quite some time of examining the different pants and designs because I had the time and working out the best value for money I go with some shorts in a size 12 just in case they’re a tight fit. To my surprise they’re perfect! At least I know my design and size at Asda now so hopefully next time it’ll be a 1 minute jobby!

Buying pants is the last thing on my mind and also the least of my priorities but my goodness it felt every bit of the hassle it was. Anyone else with me?

Mumsy Mum x



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  1. 11/05/2016 / 11:30 PM

    When it comes to pants just call me Bridget…

    • 12/05/2016 / 8:52 AM

      Haha I love a big comfy pair of pants these days, not afraid to admit it either lol

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