It’s Been A Positive Kind Of Day :)

I rolled out of bed reluctantly this morning at 7.30 am after a terrible night! Both kiddies were up numerous times throughout the night bouncing on beds (mostly Riley) who then woke Summer up! 🙁 Tired was an understatement!

I dragged myself downstairs to prepare for the day and despite a huge lack of sleep, dog shite in George’s cage (chug) and 2 lots of sick from my wonderful cat Asti I told myself ‘today is going to be a good day!’ It’s crazy how far a bit of positivity goes, well in my life that is.

After an early start we appeared to be running late for a new toddler group we were attending. Kids seemed sleepy in the car as we battled our way through the disastrous Canterbury traffic. We made it! 

Uh oh! We usually attend the same Center, even the same room on Tuesday’s for a Portage group. But today the room had been cut in half. I’m guessing it was because it was more a signing group on the carpet not a turn the room upside down group like Riley is usually used to.

Riley tried every angle to get across the barrier of chairs put in the way to prevent anyone from entering that side of the room. In the end I had to take Riley out as I felt I was getting a few ‘can you control your son’ looks. If only they really knew what it is like to have a disabled child or even what the condition Autism really involves. Oh well Riley and I were outside doing the perimeter as per usual with Riley until he feels 100% comfortable.

I kept checking on Summer through the small window on the door and although she caught me looking everytime she seemed happy, content, relaxed singing away and playing the instruments. Although I was relieved I had one child under control (for once) I felt a little unneeded 🙁

I absolutly love this Center, the staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful 10/10 from me! We will be visting this Center 3 times this week, talk about dedication. Summer was happy and so was Riley pottering around from room to room. The kind manager even made me a coffee. I haven’t been show that kind of kindness in such a long time…a coffee you’re thinking?! Yes a bloody coffee! It’s the small things in life I massively appreciate and feels like at the moment I am all give give give.

After an hour at the group we head to the supermarkets. Good thinking Mummy takes the buggy in wears the backpack and carries a basket (instead of taking a trolley) and just as well as both monkeys fell asleep! Sometimes it’s worth massively inconveniencing ourselves to make the ones we love feel comfortable, in this case too bloody comfy I wish I could have gotten in that buggy and nodded off too!

2 shopping bags and 2 packs of nappies 40+ pounds (sorry no pound sign on my new Apple keyboard?! I’ll tweet about that later!) Seriously 40 pounds…where? Grrrr!

I rush to the car, throw the shopping on the front seat as no room in the boot due to the trailer (to take dogs walking) room for the buggy and the ridiculas amount of shopping bags I always forget to take in with me! Kiddies are still sleeping. Well, I had swimming planned for today and therefore that is what we shall do!

I head into the car park and spot a space, I loop back around to head for it only to see a woman reversing back into it…big sigh ‘oh well that’s annoying’ I thought! Instead of my usual flip my lid and start stressing out. We park up, out comes the buggy again, the swimming bag, rucksack and the bloody kitchen sick if I could carry it.

All paid and in the changing rooms with the kiddies down to their nappies only to realise I packed pull ups and not the swimming nappies! Luckily I had seen and even questioned the stuipidly expensive 1.10 per nappies when paying! Kids all sort…and breathe just myself to sort out now. God damn you Mother Nature!!!! You do pick to most inconvenience of time to call on me!

Swimming was fun. Both kids are such nutters, they’re my water babies. Riley was wearing his Zogg life jacket (kind of think this in my ‘Mummy bargain haul’ vlog. It was truly amazing and a complete bargain for us as it fit Riley like a glove and he just bobbed along do his own thing.

Getting the kids changed consisted of a lot of singing Mr Tumble but I was prepared with snack, juice, iPads and chocolate (dairy free of course) go me! Nip to Asda on the way back to get meat as I could leave this in the car before shopping. Another 30 pound plus! I think I have spending issues either that or unexpected naughty treats jump in my basket when I’m not looking.

Home, unload the car, washing up from this morning, feed the dogs, prepare dinner, sort the washing, Hoover, baths and bed by 7 pm! 

What a positive kind of day it has been. I’m so happy and I love my babies to death. I don’t feel the usual anxiety building up for work on Wednesday (check out ‘when the door closes another opens, right?’ Blog. I have no one I have to answer to, no curfew, no time limit. I can do what the hell I want when I want. I feel as free as a bird and I love it! Life is good with my babies right now.

A very positive feeling Mumsy Mum x


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