It was Monday afternoon and I was midway through cooking dinner when there was a knock at my door with a parcel. From the clear presentation on the packaging I instantly knew it was a trumpet. I didn’t remember buying this…but then the penny dropped and I recalled that the lovely Lydia from pBuzz had offered to send this out for my babies to trial.

I liked the packaging I think it was well presented with a picture, small description and social media links.

I ripped into the box with excitement (I’m a big kid like that) and out pulled my daughter the simply packaged pBuzz with the retail price of £19.99

It came in 2 pieces and although it’s just ‘2 pieces’ due to my Mummy brains I though it would be best to check for a diagram so I could mindlessly put this together quickly as Summer was all hands. I couldn’t see an instruction picture but worked it out in the end.

Summer was all over her new toy like a rash, anything that makes a noise…she’s there! Eventually when I got to have a turn I thought it was broken. Maybe this is very silly of me but I thought when you blew through this it would make a sound as in there was something built inside. However this isn’t the case, you blow through this and hear your own voice if I’ve explained that well enough. Basically it’s a glorified plastic tube.

It couldn’t have been anymore than 5 minutes after getting the trumpet out of its box and Summer had this in 3 pieces on the floor. I instantly thought ‘well…that’s that then!’ I showed Summer (aged 2) how to put this back together and then that was it, I’d created another fun activity with this toy.

Summer continued to dismantle this, put back together, play some tunes and then dismantle again etc. It’s a 2 in 1, fun and learning toy at the same time.

Perhaps a little too big for a 2-year-old however Summer loved this and has played on it a little everyday since receiving it. The pBuzz is really well made and robust, it’s not only fun to make noise with but a great way to start learning music notes for older children. It’s easy to keep clean as it only needs a wipe down and relatively easy to store as it’s not too wide.


It’s a thumbs up from Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 17/06/2016 / 12:00 AM

    This looks like fun!

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