I’ll Do It Tomorrow…

Every question at the moment seems to have the same answer…’I’ll do it tomorrow!’

The washing pile at the bottom of my bed that needs putting away and outside both kiddies bedroom doors. My diet, the endless amount of emails and phone calls I need to make, etc.

Do you ever go through days where you simply cba? (Can’t be ar$ed) Apart from Summer’s birthday on Saturday 14th that has well and truly wiped me out I have been having one of those day quite a lot lately.

I guess in a way it’s a good thing! I’m not being so up tight about keeping the house pristine and I’m venturing more outside of my comfort zone, which is unusual for me!

The kids bedtime has strictly been 7pm for a long time! But the last few nights I have sat on my laptop working whilst the kiddies have been happily playing away well past 7pm and that’s before having a bath etc!

I’m becoming more relaxed which is amazing considering I have never been able to relax in my life, I simply didn’t know how to!

Do you ever go through days or even weeks like this or is it just me? I’d love to hear your thoughts… šŸ™‚

Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 17/05/2016 / 12:14 AM

    I have the CBA’s on a regular basis but my anxiety and OCD tend to pull me out of it.

    • 17/05/2016 / 4:59 AM

      Not just me then lol ?

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