If The Face Fits…

I’ve been um’ing and ah’ing for a while about writing this blog. I don’t want to offend anyone and this is not aimed at anyone in particular.

I’ve never wanted my face to fit in. I have always wanted to stand out and I think that’s been half my problem. I love a bit of competition and I loved to be the best at what I did, which attracted the haters I guess.

In 2007 I handed in my notice at SAGA Insurance company after a dedicated 5 years of my life. The job started off well but the office was a bitchy environment and my face certainly didn’t fit. Due to me not being in the ‘clicky’ crowd everyone around me seemed to be offered a promotion accept me! I handed in my notice and within a week walked straight into my next job at the Carphone Warehouse (August 2007)

I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to get out of SAGA. Carphone Warehouse was a lovely atmosphere to be working in if I compared. I got the chance to communicate with my colleagues rather than going from one phone to the next. I dealt with customers on a face to face basis which was right up my street. I had the most easiest going boss in the world (Michael Marshall – Canterbury 284) and I loved my job!

I thought I would be at Carphone Warehouse for the rest of my life, part-time. I really enjoyed my job and I was good at what I did. April 19th 2016 I handed in my notice at Carphone. I now feel about the company the complete opposite from when I started almost 9 years ago!

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how much you learn about your job to better yourself. If your face fits and you suck ar£e…mostly the second part, then you are more than to go further.

I remember someone saying to me you should flirt little bit to get some more sales you’re good looking and should use that. I got the hump about this and said that I refused to flirt to get a sale. If I’m good at my job then I will be able to close the deal without pretending to be something I’m not, plus I’m not like that. This made me more determined to sell more ‘correctly’

It’s the same sort of scenario here. I would never suck up to my manager to get further in life. I’d like to have a good and professional friendship with my boss and for them to offer me the promotion when they feel I am ready for it and know my job inside out and more and not a moment before that.

What happened to the ‘correct’ process? If you wanted to change your job then you follow the process and apply? The company was great to start with but feels a little bit like some think they can do whatever they want and are above the rules because they hold a ‘management’ badge or drive a company car.

There are managers that are in their 40s plus and have been at Carphone from the word go showing commitment and hard work, taking on extra work outside of their job description to get noticed and to hopefully move on one day to something they will love, going nowhere because their face doesn’t fit! And there are some managers in their 20s that talk the talk but simply don’t know their ar£e from their elbow and constantly call other managers for help with simple things they should already know? Go figure!?

Then there are some sales consultants and even some assistant managers that have been passed around stores like pawns without caring about their feelings or careers just trying to ‘fill the gap’ Is this fair? Is this the sort of place you would want to work?

At one point there were managers that didn’t know how to use PIE, the basic system used for everything and there are still managers that can’t follow the basic process of an MSC check or an audit. It frustrated me so much to the point I no longer wanted to be part of it.

I like to think I’m a good judge of character and there are some truly talented unrecognised people working for Carphone. Promotion would surly be something to discuss with them but because it’s easier to keep them where they are so the manager hits their bonus or because they are good at admin they’re at a stand still! How selfish! There could be some truly amazing, fun and good at their job managers that would thrive and work together to change this ‘mess’ around doing things the correct way without cutting corners. Unless you’re in the clicky crowd your hard work gets forgotten, overlooked and ‘anyone’ is promoted because a name was dropped.

What a sad world and environment to be working in. I’m glad I’m out!

Glad I got that off my chest!

A relieved Mumsy Mum x


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  1. 21/05/2016 / 12:02 AM

    If the face fits seems to be companies main policy these days and it irritates the crap out of me. Sadly my face hasnt fit in two different education settings and I am now pulling pints for a living. I wish my face would just… fit?

    • 21/05/2016 / 8:25 PM

      Surly not Hun being in the ‘clicky’ crown is not the be all end all x

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