#Iamashape – Mister Maker @ The Marlowe Thearte

Doesn’t that song get stuck right in your head? I am a shape duda dada – you got to thank cbeebies for the adult tunage – grrrr! I have forgotten what chart music actually sounds like but I could however sing to you every word of every song on Cbeebies, BabyTV or any nursery rhyme going (hands over eyes) #justsaying

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some last minute tickets to Mister Maker through SNAAP a charity I have nothing but good things to say about. They have been such a huge support to my little family and I – thank you!

4 pm was the showing time and 4 pm usually means dinner time in my house so I was a little worried how the Riley and Summer would cope with the change in their routine. I was prepared with a bag full of snacks, a few treats, ipads at the ready and dummies on standby.

We had quite good seats in row P. A seat for Dad, 1 for Riley and 1 for Summer and Mumma. Riley was a little tired and flopped about laying over us, sitting on the floor and he stood resting his head on the seat in front of his chair, surprisingly watching the show.

The child next to us had a spinning light up toy which Riley kept trying to steal. So during the interval I carried Riley and ran to the closest cash point (in my opinion it wasn’t bloody close enough, haha!) as their card machines weren’t working.


I couldn’t rummage together a whopping £7 in change for this ridiculously overpriced spinning, light up thingy – that would get destroyed in Riley’s mouth within seconds! Oh well what Riley wants Riley gets, anything to keep the peace and to keep him awake at this time.

Summer watched the show from start to finish bless her heart being moved from my lap to Dads and then to Riley’s seat as Mick and I worked together to try and juggle Riley and keep him involved and interested in the show.


At one point when they sang the famous…I am a shape duda dada. Riley stood up and was bouncing, flapping almost shrieking with excitement. To be fair it was probably the only song we really knew from Mister Maker. I was so over the moon even if it was for only a few minutes I could tell Riley was genuinely happy and that closed the whole experience on a high for me.

After the show SNAAP had said Mister Maker would meet us all however his idea of this was standing on the stage talking down to us. I was at the ready to snap a cheeky photo of us all but hey ho. He seemed kind enough and the adult humor throughout the show worked well with keeping the whole audience enticed. Thumbs up from me!

Peppa Pig is already booked at the Marlowe Theater for Summer’s birthday – I love the bing bong song!

Over and out for the night!

A very sleepy Mumsy Mum Zzzzzzz!



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  1. Kate
    29/04/2016 / 8:39 PM

    We went to see Mr Maker to and thoroughly enjoyed the show! The merchandise was pricey wasn’t it haha x

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