Hunt for happiness week

Well that an eye-catching title if ever I’ve seen one. Where can I learn more about this? There is plenty of room for happiness in our lives. Between 15th – 21st January it’s ‘Hunt for happiness week’ The 3rd full week into January! Holy moly that went by quick!

With the wind down to Christmas and the holidays coming to an end. You may be feeling the holiday blues and find yourself wanting to search for a little happiness. Apparently this isn’t by accident. The week coincides with what’s called Blue Monday or the Saddest Day of the Year, January 25, 2016.

Therefore it’s a week where we should focus on doing things that make us happy trying to emphasise this with the kiddies too. It could include searching ‘hunt for happiness’ via social media Instagram, Pinterest, Twitterdon’t forget to use #huntforhappiness.

You could take a ‘happy challenge’ this is where you write down your happiest moment each day.  You can write it on a calendar, in a journal, scrapbook, or anywhere else that makes you happy.  It can be a word, sentence, several paragraphs or memorabilia.  At the end of a year you’ll be reminded of your 365 happiest moments.

Begin a collection or a hobby that makes you happy.

I’m sure you get the idea…Oh and don’t forget to use the hashtag and also tag me in your hunt for happiness posts 🙂

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