How Do You Defrenciate Between A Necessity And A Want??

This time last week I was feeling pretty deflated after an extremely strange day (the good the bad & the ugly – blog)

Today I am feeling better than last week but also slightly confused. This morning I woke up with a gut feeling not to send my little Riley into the special needs pre-school he attends on a Friday morning. After last weeks events (see blog above) I didn’t feel happy to leave my precious, non-verbal, easy going, accident prone, no awareness or social skills, as good as gold little boy in this setting.

Instead I took both Riley and Summer along with me to the ‘Sign along’ course where they both attended a crèche. Riley was as good, as gold as per usual. Summer on the other hand was a little monkey and this was because her sleep pattern is all over the place! Last night I must have gotten up no less than 6 times during the night/ morning to a crying out for ‘Mummy’ little pickle, Grrr!

The course went well today and apart from the compulsory literacy paper at the start I actually enjoyed it and learnt a few new signs 🙂

After the course I decided to nip to Asda. I only needed some gluten-free cereal as they always seem to be out stock of Riley’s usual favourite and some oranges. 60+ pounds later and half a new wardrobe for each for the kiddies! I think I have a spending problem!

I received a call from the manager from the pre-school whilst wandering around holding a full basket and pushing the double buggy as Summer had decided she’d take a nap…talk about rub my nose in it! I explained my reasons for not sending Riley in today and how I felt. Despite me being the parent and knowing my son better than anyone else she moved on to tell me her staff are excellent and maybe it’s how I perceive them that is the issue also unless the key worker saw a need to write the accident down then she would have done so. What do you think? This is a photo I took once I got Riley into the car after last weeks pre-school session……?

Frustration is an understatement! Where is the empathy? And more to the point where is the support? Maybe because there is such a huge demand for places at the pre-school Riley is easily replaced?! :/

Finally we’re home, there’s no place I’d rather be. Bags unpacked, kiddies happily playing with toys. On go the sloppys and off goes the bra – lovely! I decided on my way home from Asda I’d go through the kids clothes and have a sort out. When I get something in my head there is truly no stopping me.

To my suprise I still have Summer wearing a few aged 9-12 month clothes! It really does depend on where you shop to find the right sizes! A t-shirt in one shop is more that likely to be a different size and shape to another shop, talk about make things difficult!

I have the most annoying habit when I get into one of these kinds of moods where I suddenly become attached to everything. I hate junk and clutter, it makes me feel stressed out. When it comes to putting clothes etc into the ‘charity box’ I suddenly grow a personal love for that item and talk myself into ‘needing’ to keep this finding all kinds of excuses such as ‘I was going to wear that tomorrow’ or ‘oh I forgot I had this’

However I am luckily, very strong willed and tend to have that little conversation in my head (I’m pretty crazy like that) ‘am I going to wear it?’ If I’m truthfully not, I will throw it into the black bag without a 2nd thought, reassuring myself I will go shopping tomorrow to find something to replace this. Sort of defeats the object of decluttering the house to just buy more. Haha, but that’s my crazy way of doing things!

Do you have any tips or a certain way of doing things? I’d love to hear about it…

Mumsy Mum x


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